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Dime Store Bombshell

This-never-mind-how old beauty vixen remembers  dimme stores like, Woolworths  which was a haven for us cash starved make-up loving girls who wanted to try a new cosmetic shade every week!

When I was a student my beauty budget was so meager that lipstick would double as my blush & eye shadow & lip color -peach or soft bronze color would let me get away with it, I used my fingertips which is not as bad as it sounds, they could feel the right place on my cheekbones, the curve of my lips. . I looked naturally glowing unless it was a day with 100% humidity then I applied pressed powder so it wouldn’t slide all over the place.

My classmates nicknamed me “The Dime Store Bombshell”; I wore that title proudly, pivoted to & from the classroom like it was my fashion runaway. It’s funny, how every single girl at school started sporting the same look & clamoring around me to share what products I used & how.

I started to charge for make-up lessons/application/products at recess/lunch which supplemented my weekly allowance with their allowance, some of the girls asked for a raise of their allowance with a” no “from their parents-they had to decide whether to cut back on candy or my make-up so I started to include a chocolate bar with each purchase (cutting into my profit).

Woolworths has been closed in the US since 1993, the current economy has many singing the tightwad blues, where are we gorgeous creatures to find cosmetics in our budget now?

Don’t worry; consider me your dime store bombshell who will share her innermost beauty secrets… except how my lashes look so lush. That is an ancient Russian secret from my ancestors…

Here are a few brands and online stores where you can make-out like a bandit with a vast assortment of color cosmetics for the lip, face, and eyes, all less than 5.00 a pop. They are also in most drugstores.

Their selection of 99 cents mini cosmetics looks really good.
Prices range from 99 cents for a lipstick and up. I have tried their lipsticks, and have been pleased with the quality . I especially like the smooch proof long wearing lipstick shade in goddess & lover- eat, kiss this stays on.($4.99) or go for their Ultra Moist sheer red lipstick(flattering on every skin tone) for 99 cents . –
I have tried their $1.00 mascara duet -one side is regular, the other side is waterproof, definite thumbs up for these sensitive eyes fond of flirty lashes. I didn’t shed a tear.
They have a full line of cosmetics for $1.00,.$3.00 and a more expensive mineral makeup line called Personal Blend Foundation powder($8) that includes 4 shades in one jar that you can grind to get the perfect mix of shades.(can’t name the famous mineral brands that retail for $25 & up) still making this a bargain..
– Lipsticks start at $1.49; their matte lipsticks are my personal favorite, especially matte Brazil, matte Chocolate, matte Milano, matte Café. Their lip liners are pretty decent too with over 30 shades.

For less then a $20 bill, your new look awaits-Dime store Bombshell-May I have your autograph –you look simply ravishing!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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