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DIY: The Manicure Edition – 10 Steps to an Easy At Home Manicure

They say your hands tell your age, so taking good care of them should be on everyone’s to do list! This includes exfoliating, moisturizing, and of course keeping them well manicured. All of which seems pretty easy right? Well then why do most women pay for this form of self grooming? Yes, we do love being pampered, and we deserve it! But we all know that’s not the only reason. FEAR seems to be a common denominator for a lot of us. Now I know when I tried giving myself my first manicure, well let’s just say it wasn’t so pretty. But practice makes perfect and now not only am I great at it, but I get to add more funding to my piggy bank!  So, hopefully I’ve convinced you to take this on yourself! To lend a helping hand, pun intended, I’m including a 10 -step how to guide to walk you through each and every step! So its time for the Pampering to begin!

1. Start with removing any nail polish with cotton ball and nail polish remover. Acetone works wonders, but tends to dry out nails. So for anyone with dry brittle nails please stick to non-acetone removers such as, Cutex Quick and Gentle Nail Polish Remover.
2. Buff, file, and or cut your nails. Buffing your nails is quite an important step; it restores shine and evens the surface, allowing a smooth application of nail polish. If you do choose to file your nails, PLEASE stick to filing in ONE direction. The back and forth motion weakens your nails. FYI “Squoval”,which is what develops when a square and an oval make a baby, seems to be the most natural shape for nails, but hey BE CREATIVE!
3. Soak Those Babies! Soaking your nails will not only get rid of any dirt and dust after filing, but it will also soften your cuticles.


4. NOW Exfoliate! Use a gentle scrub to remove the triple D’s – Dead, Dull, and Dry skin. Try Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Scrub! This will take years off your hands, and you along with anyone you touch will be grateful!
5. Next is a step that some forget, but should never! Massage in some cuticle oil. Cuticle oil is your emergency quick fix product! It can take dry hardened cuticles and turn them into well nourished cuticles in a matter of minutes! It’s also great for hydrating the nail itself, if needed. I LOVE, Sephora’s Lavender Cuticle Oil, it’s an easy to use pen which makes it great for travel! YAY!
6. This next step is optional. Some stay away from pushing back their cuticles, but if for some reason they appear uneven and you must, be very careful! Use a cotton-wrapped orange wood stick and GENTLY push the cuticles back. The reason why I suggest refraining from this step is because the cuticle protects your nails and prevents bacteria leading to infections.
7. Lets Paint! (((((SQUEELS!)))) You are going to start with a base coat. A base coat helps your color last longer, while protecting the nail from breaking.
8. After allowing the base coat to completely dry, it’s time to apply your color! Applying nail polish can sometimes be tricky. You want to apply the polish using 3 strokes. Two on either side of the nail and the last stroke down the middle of the nail. Remember, Fewer strokes equals Fewer streaks! Wait for first coat to dry then apply a second coat repeating the same process. Finish off with a top coat, which helps the nail polish last longer and adds shine!
9. Dry `Em! One of the most common mistakes woman make is using their hands right after they painted them! NO! NO! NO! Relax! Take some time to watch your favorite bad reality TV show! You can also use your hair dryer, but ONLY if there is a cool setting! Using hot air creates bubbles and causes the polish to chip early.
10. Woo Hoo! You are just about done! Finish up by smoothing on a well moisturizing hand cream!

So now you know how to do a perfect at home manicure! Have Fun, Pamper yourself. Remember get creative and take a picture of you finished work. We may even feature you on YBA blog! Send all pictures to

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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