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Go out with a BANG!

Before you take the plunge into a new hairstyle with bangs, there are a few things to consider. Don’t make the cut, on a whim and a prayer, or a rebound or sorts, if you know what I mean. Once bangs are cut, you’ll need to live with them for a while and some styles will suit you much better than others.

That being said, we love bangs! Bangs hide forehead lines, they can make your eyes pop and my favorite . . . they even have the ability to make us look younger! Work with a good hair stylist to help you find the best fit for your face shape, hair type and lifestyle. Your stylist can also make the transition of growing out bangs easy . . . in a creative sort of way.

Take a Look at Your Hair Type

  • Wavy Hair – You will need to style your bangs with a flat-iron, big barrel curling iron or smooth them with a round brush/blow-dryer. Blunt bangs and wispy bangs will be work to style daily. Side swept bangs are a best bet.
  • Curly Hair – Most bang styles are not for you. However, a long side swept bang, or face framing layers that start just above the jaw line will work with your curls. Blunt bangs or wispy bangs will be too much work to coax into a style on a regular basis.
  • Straight Hair – Wear blunt bangs, wispy bangs, side swept bangs and short choppy bangs, all of these work well with your hair type.
  • Thick Hair – A thinned out, short choppy bang or long side swept bangs work for you. Blunt bangs are a bit trickier but can be thinned and texturized so as to not become over powering for most of you.
  • Thin Hair – Blunt bangs and side-swept bangs work best as long as you don’t have a problem with oily hair. Oily hair and bangs don’t mix!

Take a Look at Your Face Shape

Round and Square Face Shapes – Adding bangs to a round or square face shape can add an illusion of weight to the face if cut blunt or if they are left too heavy. Partial bangs and asymmetrical bangs are your best bets.

Rectangular Face Shapes – Being that this face shape is long, all sorts of bangs will compliment your style. Wispy bangs, side swept bangs, blunt bangs and choppy bangs all balance well with your face shape.

Heart Shape Face – You can basically wear any bang style that suits your hair type and life style. Full blunt bangs are a great fit for most and side swept bangs look great on you too.

Oval Face Shape – This perfect face shape is able to carry off all bang styles. What you need to consider most is how much time you are willing to spend maintaining your bangs.

Blunt bangs are high maintenance. To keep them at a brow-skimming length, they will need to be trimmed every two weeks. Side swept bangs are the easiest bangs to ease into, basically every hair type can wear them and they will last 4 to 6 weeks before needing a trim.

Still not sure? You can try out the bangs before you make the cut! See what you would look like first with a or simply try on a wig.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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