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How to thread your eyebrows

I don’t think people realize that their eyebrows really define their face, until they get them properly shaped. I’ve plucked, waxed or threaded my eyebrows since I was about 12 years old. I hate admitting this, but I had what most call a “unibrow” (you know–when you have ONE thick eyebrow instead of 2 separate ones). After all these difference different techniques for eyebrow hair removal, I’ve settled on one that I like the best: threading.

I’m half Middle Eastern and hair removal is very important in my culture, which is why I started doing my eyebrows at a young age. My aunts taught me how to thread eyebrows and everyone always asks me how to do it. I put together some step by step instructions below (we’ll eventually do a video on this, so you can get a better visual). I would recommend practicing by just cleaning up the eyebrows and not trying to shape them just yet—wait until you’ve mastered it so you don’t end up taking off someone’s eyebrows.

How it works:
1. Use a cotton ball to apply baby powder to eyebrow area
2. Take the spool of thread; hold it in your right hand (I’m right handed so it would probably be vice versa if you’re lefty).
3. Place the loose end of the thread in your mouth and clench with your teeth.
4. Unravel the thread about two feet.
5. Place the pulled thread over the index finger of your left hand.
6. With your thumb and index finger, twist the thread in a circular motion around your index and thumb about 10 times until it is twisted in the center.
7. Place twisted area of thread on eyebrows and begin lightly pulling your head backwards to capture hair.

Don’t forget to tidy up hairs by brushing eyebrows upward and trimming them with small scissors. Tweeze ingrown and short hairs that can’t be removed with the thread. Once finished, apply astringent or aloe gel to eyebrows with a cotton ball to clean area.

Do I thread my own eyebrows? Sometimes, but it’s hard to reach certain angles, so I only touch them up myself. I usually get them done professionally every other week so they can be reshaped. I also use a clear eyebrow gel to brush onto my eyebrows, which helps keep them looking neat and sleek. If I don’t have eyebrow gel, I’ll dip my lash brush in hair gel to use instead.

What a difference having your eyebrows done makes on your face, don’t you agree?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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