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Lavender, the master of the balancing act

Lavender, the master of the balancing act

If you thought your yoga instructor knew how to hold a balance pose, wait til you see what a simple flower can do. That’s right: lavender isn’t just easy on the nose. It packs some mean equilibrium as well, whether you use it in a scented pillow or smelling salt to level off your anxiety or in a facial moisturizer to balance your skin.

Lavender has both an anti-stress and a sleep-inducing property – balancing our minds and our circadian rhythms – but it’s also used in many skincare products to help balance the skin’s natural distribution of oils, its sebum production and its normal pH levels. This makes it ideal for women with combination skin who could really use less oil on their T-zones but more hydration on dry patches like their cheeks, for example. Few other ingredients have this unique ability to respond to oily skin with a “whoa, tone it down” effect and then turn on a dime and cheer dry skin on its efforts to produce more natural oils.

If your skin has been experiencing extremes, look to bring lavender into your skincare routine in the form of a balancing toner or moisturizer.

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Trina Coccarelli
By: Trina Coccarelli

At the age of 10, Trina was afflicted with the worst acne ever (at least that’s how she felt). After years of taunting and rude nicknames from the campus mean girls, she decided to gain all the knowledge that she could about skincare. When her acne cleared, all those mean girls were running to her to get all the intel on how to clear their own less –than-perfect skin. From that day on, she was acutely aware of the power that she held (insert evil witches cackle here.) Skincare was her ticket to high school domination. In the years following, she built upon that knowledge base and parlayed it into a stellar career in the skincare industry. Trina’s worked for the biggest names in the game. Now, she’s here with the y|b|a team to keep YOU in the know.