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Let down your gorgeous hair: How to make your locks grow longer, faster and thicker

It's not easy being Rapunzel. What the classic children's story conveniently omitted was how difficult it is to have gorgeous tresses like hers – growing out long hair is no easy feat! Of course, it's not impossible, but with all the information out there who can figure out what’s real and what’s make believe? We've separated fact from fairytale to help you attain the lengthy tresses of your dreams.

FACT: Taking vitamins is beneficial to the hair growth process. Nutrients are good for your body, so why wouldn't they be great for your hair? In fact, Dermatologist Harold Lancer from the University of California, Los Angeles, told Marie Claire magazine that regularly consuming B vitamin derivatives can increase the strength of your mane. Omega-3, vitamin D and vitamin E also work fantastically.

FAIRYTALE: Scheduling regular trims will help your hair grow faster. Okay, the truth is that the state of your ends has nothing to do with how fast the hair grows out of your scalp. Still, who wants down-to-there hair that's two-thirds gorgeous and one-third straggly?

Our favorite snarky Aussie and hairstylist and judge of Bravo's "Shear Genius” Tabitha Coffey told that trims still play an important role in the quest for luxurious tresses, as they will keep the ends looking neat and healthy.

"If you're afraid the trims will set you back, scale back to every 12 weeks instead of the typically recommended every six weeks," she told the website, adding that "whatever you do, don't wait six months to get in for that trim!"

FACT: Scalp massages DO help. According to, stimulating your roots doesn't necessarily cause hair to grow faster, but it does stimulate blood flow to your scalp, which helps nutrients (like those vitamins!) seep into hair follicles. While taking part in this process doesn't come with an absolute guarantee, massaging your noggin once in a while can't hurt – and it's pretty relaxing, too!

FAIRYTALE: Cut your hair on a full moon and you'll have your desired length in no time. This one is pretty obvious, but we had to throw it in for good measure. Of course, we're not stopping anyone from giving it the old college try – just don't be surprised if you wake up the next morning with the same chin-length bob you had the night before.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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