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‘Masker’ class

Facial masks have been a beauty ritual since Cleopatra’s time in 34 B.C, while the first facial mask was a concoction of olive oil, grass, milk, wax, and incense by the Egyptians in 1100 BC.

I started using masks as a teenager, my first mask was Queen Helene’s Mint Julep not only did it calm my hormone ravaged skin, it made me dream of Kentucky Derby and mint juleps for this Brooklyn girl who never was going to see Kentucky, which might as well have been Mars..” My Kentucky Derby “was racing on the streets of Church Ave. with other neigh hood kids coming back into the house with sweat, dirt, and pimples sprouting like angry red dots , The closest I came to Mint Juleps was chocolate mint ice cream

If the mint mud masque didn’t do the trick, my mother would apply milk of magnesia to my face while I squirmed in the makeshift facial chair.(wooden rocking chair). I would make what she claimed were “monster faces” because I couldn’t stomach the smell. However, my skin would respond by looking smooth, pore less, pimple-free. I would hold my nose till the mask dried and  the awful fragrance dissipated. Our home soon became a popular place for all of my friends with acne once they saw the improvements in my skin, they invited themselves over, and our living room was always crowded with teenage girls, with mother applying masks to all. My living room truly resembled a beauty salon, especially on weekends.

These days, I make my own masks because I want them to smell good- like fruity or sweet smell, or maybe I am still emotionally wrought from that pungent milk of magnesia aroma.

Here are my simple one and two ingredient masks at home that are very simple and  effective if it’s more then two ingredients I can’t bother, I am an impatient mask chef.

I like to use any brand of plain organic Greek yogurt, it leaves the skin glowing. Apply in a thin layer; relax for 20 minutes with thinly sliced cucumbers (great for puffiness and  to refresh the eyes) over closed eyes to enhance the home spa experience. If your skin is really dry mix a teaspoon of honey into the yogurt.

Strawberries and  whipped cream, no its not dessert it’s a mask, use the back of the spoon to smash the strawberries then add whipped cream till the texture is not to thick or too runny, or use a blender to mix.

Drinking Chamomile or other herbal tea, fragranced candles, soft relaxing music will make this home indulgence reminiscent of a pricey spa!

I hear that Pepto Bismol is now being touted as the latest effective mask for blemished skin; I think I will pass- Hold your nose and  pass the milk of Magnesia. Please…

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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