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Pick the right mascara for your lifestyle

Long gone are the days when you walked into your local drugstore and bought a mascara that you couldn’t live without. Today, beauty companies have zeroed in on how to market even more products to us to make our mascara decision-making even more difficult.   Everywhere you look be it a magazine, commercial or store display, we’re bombarded with Brands A-Z and the once clear and quick decision to buy Brand A is suddenly hazy. So now what begs the question is “what mascara do I buy now?“


Waterproof mascara is the ideal choice for very active people like athletes and for events such as  graduations, weddings and other celebratory moments where you know they’ll be tears.  The synthetic formula repels water and is guaranteed to not smudge. The one drawback with this mascara is that the formula is really drying and makes your lashes feel brittle so remove with care.

How To Remove Tip : Apply petroleum jelly to the end of a cotton swap. Use the petroleum-soaked cotton swab and apply from the lash line to the tip. Gently wipe down from the root and away with a tissue. If you don’t properly coat each hair with petroleum jelly you’ll end up removing your own lashes.


Choose a lengthening mascara if you want long, sexy lashes. The perfect option if you want long and luscious lashes. The mascara wand contains dense bristles, which distributes product along the entire length of the lash.


Use thickening mascaras if you have what I call “barely-there” or sparse, thin lashes. The key ingredients silicone polymers and waxes wraps each hair and makes them look fuller and gives volume.


Choose a separating or non-clumping mascara formula if you want your eyelashes to look natural. The length of the wand/brush is usually longer so it can give your lashes an even distribution of the product.  they usually contain  silicone and glycerin which help the wand glide over each lash.


Curling mascaras are perfect for women with limp and/or straight eyelashes. These mascaras enhance your eyes by creating beautifully curved and well-defined lashes. This mascara brings attention to your eyes by making them look more alive, also known as that ‘wide-eyed’ affect. But if you really want to make an impact then use your eyelash curler in conjunction with this mascara for a dramatic effect.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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