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Play it safe: Running before the sun is up

In the wake of daylight saving time, I’m rejoicing at the fact that the sun will still be out when I leave the office. This perk comes as a trade-off, though: it’ll likely still be pitch dark when I head out for my morning run.

Announce yourself

If you’re changing up your routine, fill in your roommate, children or spouse so they know where to start if, God forbid, something happened. And if you aren’t able to share your plans:

ID yourself

I’m a minimalist when it comes to working out. I hate carrying a water bottle, and unless I’m in an unfamiliar city, I leave the phone at home or locked up and put away. I know firsthand what a pain it is to replace a lost driver’s license, so running with mine has always been out of the question.

Next to my fancypants GPS watch, the most worthwhile running accessory I’ve purchased is definitely my RoadID shoe ID, which has my name, year of birth and emergency contact’s phone number listed on it. The RoadID is perfect because I barely notice it on my foot, unlike with a wristband. Bonus: If you have multiple pairs of shoes in rotation, the ID is easy attach to your watch, and also comes in necklace, bracelet and anklet versions.

Remain aware of your surroundings

If it’s dark and you’re out on busy streets, keep your music turned off to make sure you can hear your surroundings. And while we all know pedestrians always have the right of way, never assume a driver will stop for you. (I lived in New York for many years—some cab drivers are ruthless!)

See and be seen

What better excuse to don my favorite, most obnoxious shades of hot pink than for long runs? Not only did it liven up the mood during a gloomy group run last weekend, but my waterproof highlighter pink Saucony jacket made it impossible for cars to miss me. If possible, clip on a flashing light, or wear a headlamp.

Run against traffic

If you’re on the road rather than the sidewalk, always run against the direction of traffic. Sure, drivers might get annoyed and veer into the inside lane, but at least you’ll know they see you and they won’t have to predict what your next move might be. Also be sure to take note of breaks and potholes in the roads so that you know what to avoid when streets aren’t well-lit.

By playing it safe, you’ll be able to run relaxed while giving your loved ones some peace of mind.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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