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Red carpet remedies for tired looking eyes

It happens to the best of us — late nights, one too many glasses of wine, new baby, too much salt…the after effects often being puffy, tired looking eyes! Here are a few tips of the trade to take those bags and circles from tragic to magic!

Be a Tea Bagger. This is the cheapest quickest way to combat your tired eyes may be the most cliché. Sure, it’s a throwback and little old- fashioned, but trust me, it works!! The key is to be prepared ahead of time. Put a couple of tea bags (Lipton is fine) into a bowl and pour just enough hot water to cover them. Stick them in the refrigerator or in a last minute pinch the freezer and have them cool down.  It is best however, to do it over night or while you are in the shower. When the time comes lie down and put one bag over each eye for at least 5 minutes. The caffeine in the tea will help constrict the blood flow underneath the thin skin of your eyes minimizing the effects of those wretched dark circles. The puffiness will be reduced too due to the cool tea bags.

If your bags are just too stubborn for the “Lipton treatment”, take it a step further, use a eye

Cream that contains caffeine or bag fighting ingredient like Eyeliss. Two of my favorites are M.A.C Rapid Response Eye Cream or Hydrolyze Advanced Undereye FormulaI always encourage my clients to try these simple at home treatment before major events or their walk down the Red Carpet.

Okay, your bags have exited stage left, but you still have some pretty gnarly dark circles laughing at you in the mirror. Banish the darkness with some eye brightening tricks.

First, combat the color of those circles. Now, most makeup lines (if not all!) have some form of skin blemish/color corrector.  It’s really a matter of preference of which brand you choose, the key is that you want the cream to be just that…creamy.  Nothing too heavy as you will be putting this on underneath your regular concealer.

When choosing the color, you really want to take a look at yourself in natural light. If the underlying color is red toned (redish-orange,redish-violet included) you want to combat the redness with a green corrector.  If they are purple toned (lavender, plum) you want to pick a yellow corrector. If they are blue toned, you will want to go with an orange corrector or yellow. Apply a thin layer over your dark circles and allow setting. Lastly, you will cover the corrector with a concealer one half shade lighter than your foundation. When working with celebrity clients I like to take it a step further by using a “brightening” concealer. They have light reflectors in them giving the illusion of eye brightness.

It’s always nice to do a loose dusting of a light reflecting powder over everything to set it in place. I love to use the DiorSkin Poudre Libre to give a wonderful radiance.

I hope you give these simple at home remedies a try! You will be impressed with the results. I  promise!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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