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Smell you later – in a good way!

The power of scent is strong – anyone who gets a whiff of their grandmother’s oatmeal cookies or their ex-boyfriend’s deodorant can tell you that! The same goes for your perfume – it’s part of how people will remember you. When you spend all that time, energy and money on your signature scent, it’s really a drag when you wish it was just a hint sweeter or stronger. Instead of switching your smell completely, you might just need to change how you wear it.

Perfume mixes with your hormone levels, body temperature and other factors to create a distinct scent, but that also means changes in your hormones – like when you’re pregnant or going through menopause – can make it smell different. If you love the way your perfume smells in the bottle but for some reason it no longer smells good on your skin, try spraying it on your clothes before you put them on, or spritz a bit in your hair. These outlets are more likely to serve as a clean slate for your scent.

Another way to tweak your scent is to layer. It sounds scary, but it’s not when you start simple, with one- and two-note fragrances. For instance, if you have a simple gardenia scent, you could layer it with vanilla for a warmer approach. Vanilla, amber and coconut-based scents are easy to layer because they tend to go well with everything. However, perfumes like Chanel No. 5 are not good for layering – they are made up of a number of notes and meant to be distinct.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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