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Stop, you’re making us blush!

Rosy cheeks are a hallmark of youthful beauty all around the world, but for many of us – especially in the winter – getting the color back into your face  can be as simple as using the right blush.  The only dilemma is whether to choose between powder or cream ( Yeah, I know.  Talk about first world problems).

Powder blush
Powder blush is arguably the more common of the two options. A great option for women who are prone to oily skin, it's also perfect for women who struggle with acne (since you can apply it with a brush instead of with your fingertips, you won't spread blemish-causing bacteria when you put it on). Powder blush tends to not create any harsh edges or uneven spots during application, but a heavy hand can make for cheeks that look more clown than chic.

Cream blush
Cream blush is easy to blend, portable and rich. Since it's less likely to look caked-on than powder blush, it's great for ladies who are self-conscious about crow's feet and fine lines – which powder can emphasize. However, since it's applied with the fingers, it may cause breakouts in women with sensitive skin.

No matter which you choose, be sure to use a light  hand when applying. Smile to find the apples of your cheeks, then apply just a swipe or two of your favorite shade for that rosy glow.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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