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The thrifty girl’s guide to makeup “dupes”

Wouldn’t it be nice to afford all of those amazing lipsticks and eyeshadows you have been lusting after? Unfortunately, very few people can afford to buy all the products they desire, but there is a solution to this. Makeup dupes are the closest you can get to that coveted product without dropping too much cash. Sometimes you can even find a “rip-off” of a 50 dollar makeup for under one dollar at the drugstore! Of course the “dupes” will generally have a slightly different texture and shade, and won’t be as high quality as the products they imitate, but it will save you a considerable amount of money over time.

How do I find dupes? There are tons of “dupe lists” on the internet that you can research, but I also like to experiment with drugstore makeup to find the ones that most resemble high end products. I keep a long list of all the makeup dupes I’ve found over the last few years, from lipstick to blush and eyeshadow. Here are some of the dupes from my list:

Lipstick- Certain drugstore lipsticks can look amazingly similar to certain higher end products, and many are nearly equal in terms of quality. I’ve found that Revlon has a ton of dupes for higher end lipsticks! Here are a few that I’ve found:

Revlon Soft Rose = Nars Dolce Vita, Chanel Mademoiselle.
Revlon Up the Amp = MAC Berry Haute
Revlon Primrose = MAC Snob
Revlon Fuchsia = MAC Girl About Town

Blush- While it’s true that you pay for quality; I’ve encountered a few blushes that really do rival high end colors. E.L.F. makes several blushes that are INCREDIBLY similar to those made by Nars.

E.L.F.  Fuschia Fusion =   Nars Angelika
E.L.F.  Pink Passion    =   Nars Desire
E.L.F.  Contouring Blush and Bronzing Duo = Nars Orgasm and Laguna
E.L.F.  Candid Coral   = Nars Deep Throat

Eyeshadow- In my experience, the brand Wet n Wild creates more high quality eyeshadow dupes than any other brand in the drugstore. They produce these colors in both singles and in palettes.

Wet n Wild Nutty = MAC Satin Taupe
Wet n Wild Brulee = MAC Brulee
Wet n Wild Silent Treatment (eyelid color) = MAC Shale
Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells (eyelid color) = Stila Kitten
Wet n Wild  Petal Pusher (definer color on left side) = MAC Parfait Amour
Wet n Wild  Comfort Zone (definer color on right side = MAC Club

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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