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What’s the deal with my thinning hair?: How to overcome female hair loss

Many women experience thinning hair, but thankfully, the beauty world has developed a few clever solutions to help you overcome it. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Check for a biotin or a B12 deficiency. A lack of either of these nutrients has been linked to hair loss, so resupplying your body with supplements can help promote healthy hair growth again. Keep in mind that this won't necessarily work if you weren't originally deficient in biotin or B12.

2. Try coloring and styling your hair differently. When your hair starts to go, you can always change it to a lighter or more neutral color – one that matches your scalp more closely. There are even powders you can purchase that expand the thickness of your locks. Adding volume at the roots can help conceal some of the thinness without completely verging into comb-over territory (fortunately, we can leave that one to the men). However, it's important to take caution not to stress or over-process your hair, as this could only make the problem worse.

3. Start watching what you eat. "The same foods that are good for your body and your health overall are good for your hair, including foods that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and have a reduced fat content," dermatologist Michael Reed, MD, an expert in female hair loss at New York University Medical Center in New York City, told WebMD. According to Reed, upping your protein intake might not reverse hair loss, but it can help you hold on to what you still have. 

4. Catch it in the early stages. According to the U.K. Guardian, there are about 50 unique hair loss disorders that men and women can experience, but if yours is the genetic kind, that means your hair follicles are actually shrinking and disappearing over time. With genetic hair loss, there's no way to get hair back once the follicles are gone – but if you act quickly enough, you can slow this process considerably and hold on to what you do have. Try a hair re-growth system that will help treat the underlying causes of your hair loss, or use products to help your hair appear fuller and thicker.

Dermatologist Susan Taylor told ABC that women with thinning hair should generally follow the rule of thumb that if it's hurting you, it's going to hurt your hair. Above all else, it's most important to be gentle with yourself (and your hair!) during this process. 

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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