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Your ultimate guide to bedhead

Believe it or not, the "bedhead" look can work past the age of 30. Of course, professional women often don't have all the time in the world to spare when it comes to showing off this look. Here’s a few methods that'll put you on the road to beautiful bedhead status.

The crimp-a-thon: Did you know you could use your straightener to create hair that's…well…not straight? Try taking a small section of hair in your flatiron right at the roots. Then move the tool back and forth (in a flipping motion), working your way down to the ends. The technique creates a crimp effect! Once your whole head is complete, you can tousle it more for a completed bedhead effect. Our vote? Perfect for the woman who has about 15-20 minutes to spend making herself look good.

Scrunch and go: If you have natural wave or curl to your hair, this look is probably your best bet to running out of the house with a head of beautiful, messy-but-sexy tresses. Simply add texture spray to dry hair, scrunch it with your hands and voila! This is ideal for women who have but a few moments to spare after showering.

(Un)carefully crafted: If you need a little assistance getting your hair to curl, you can try twisting the ends of your locks up in hot rollers or penciling in a quick curling iron session, rolling each section of hair only up to your chin for a loose, natural look. Then, add a fine-misting hairspray and separate the curls out with your fingers. Since this isn't a technique that requires much precision, we say it's good for the woman who has about 10ish minutes to pull herself together.

Second-day hair: You can always take a slightly more literal approach to this look, provided you know how to tame it in the morning. When you wake up, don't wash your hair – just quickly work with a few strands with a curling iron for an ultra sexy finish. Perfect for those of you who just can't be bothered.

Do the twist: Also a great fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants move, try adding a good wax to your hair and twisting random sections with your fingers for an authentic, piecey look.

I happen to love the low-commitment looks best, and I've been getting great results out of washing my hair the night before, taming any unsightly bumps with mousse the next day and then using the spray wax technique to add texture to my hair with just my hands. What are your tricks?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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