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April showers bring… frizz, flyaways and flatness

You may love what April showers do for your garden, but what they do to your hair is less than desirable. You leave the house with your perfectly groomed curls or updo only to be caught in a sudden rainstorm that leaves you looking more like a wet dog than a working professional. To best combat that moisture in the air, opt for hairstyles that are practically immune to springtime drizzle.

Rain does not discriminate between hair types – wavy hair easily becomes frizzy, curls get matted and straight locks look flat. No matter your hair type, here are some tips to remember to help your tresses weather the storm.

Power in the prep. If you absolutely need to wear your hair down, make sure you start by misting your hair with a heat-protective spray. While this protects your hair from damage caused by heat styling tools, it also creates a barrier against moisture from the air. Apply an anti-frizz serum, then blow-dry until your hair is absolutely, positively desert-dry. Let it cool completely before stepping into any humidity – when hair is still warm, moisture is able to seep in and cause frizz.

Braid the rain away. French braids are the ultimate hairstyle for rainy weather. Since the trend is to make them look a little messy and undone anyway, a little rain only adds to the kinky texture you were going for. Try a French braid that starts at one side of your part and snakes around your head into a bun. Or, if you tend to get those frizzy flyaways in the front, tuck them away into a tiny braid right against your hairline and let the rest of your hair down. Spray a bit of hairspray on the strands before you braid them and again once the braid is complete to make sure no stray hairs fly away.

Stock your purse for emergencies. It never hurts to carry a little bit of pomade, hairspray or gel in your purse for rainy hair emergencies. If your hair is naturally straight, stash a volumizing hairspray or a lifting spray. Once you have arrived at your destination, sneak off and spritz your roots with your head upside down to give them a lift. If your hair is wavy or curly, carry a small bottle of smoothing hairspray to put flyaways back in their place, whether you are wearing your hair up or down. Sometimes a little clear mascara is perfect for those sneaky curls around your hairline or part. 

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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