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April showers? Channel your makeup powers!

April is infamous for its showers, and if you’ve ever commuted to work on a rainy spring day (who hasn’t?) you can end up looking like a drowned rat by the time you arrive. Wellies can protect your feet and a raincoat can keep your head dry, but how can you keep your just-applied makeup looking fresh, even after being sprayed and splashed? Certain tricks can keep your cosmetics in tact and your skin glowing its brightest, even when the sun takes a day off.

Waterproof your look

Of course, one of the most important aspects of rainy day makeup is making sure everything in waterproof. Wearing waterproof eyeliner and mascara is a given, but there are ways to waterproof your eyeshadow and face makeup, too.

Foundation. Pick a water-resistant foundation for rainy days, since it holds up better in the rain than traditional varieties that are water-based. Foundations that are water-resistant usually contain ingredients like silicone or cornstarch that help them glide onto the skin. Finish with a translucent powder to set the makeup.

Eye makeup. Mascara and eyeliner usually come in waterproof and smudge-proof varieties, but your favorite eyeshadow might not. If you use a powder eyeshadow, sweep a thin layer of matte powder shadow over it for staying power.

Light up your face

When it’s rainy and gray outside, you may be tempted to reach for your deep blue and gray shadows to match. However, because the sun is not out to warm up your complexion, you are better off choosing warm earth tones for your eyes, lips and cheeks. Use a bronze or gold eyeshadow and choose shades of corals for your lips and eyes. The orange undertones in these cosmetics will contrast all the blue-gray tones around you, making your features stand out.

Stay matte

Another way to stand out in the rain is to keep your makeup matte. Maintaining a dry look is the way to appear fresh when everything around you is wet. Opt for lip stain instead of lip gloss. Not only will this help your look, it is much more wind-friendly – no more hair getting stuck in your lipgloss during those tsunami-like gusts!

Powder on your face can help fight humidity, but choosing the right foundation can also help. Try one like Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation, which contains corn starch for a matte finish.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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