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Blogging won’t make you lose weight

It seems blogging through a healthiness journey has become the newest trend. I even did it, on my journey to lose 100 lbs. Many blogs out there start out with their first post saying:

“…I’m serious this time. I’m going to blog my journey as I lose weight and write about everything I go through. This will be my place to record everything I eatShare every picture of every meal. write down every workout I complete. Write every day about what I’m going through. Use this blog for accountability.

I love their enthusiasm but dare I point out one thing:

Blogging will not make you lose weight.

Blogging is a tool.
Just like Weight Watchers. Or a food journal. Or a gym membership. Nothing will work unless you live it and make it your life. You can’t start a blog because you want a lot of readers. Or because you want to get advertisers and make money. This is your life, not some popularity contest. Blog because it helps your journey. Blog because it is your passion. Blog for yourself.

Blogging takes time. Time you could spend actually working out.

Blogging is tough.
Seriously. If you are blogging for yourself and value it, and at the same time actually think others may read it (and come back for more), then settle in because you’ll need to spend even more time in blog world then you could ever imagine. At that point, you have to figure out…

  • Formatting: When to bold, italicize and use a list.
  • Perfect number of words: How to convey your thoughts clearly but prevent losing people’s attention.
  • How to use pictures: How to help tell your story but not distract from it.
  • Quantity vs. Quality: You can post seven days a week but if the depth of the posts doesn’t catch readers, they won’t come back for more. On the other side, you can post once a week but might not keep peoples interest because too much time passes between updates.
  • Level of vulnerability: People want to connect with you. They want to know your deepest darkest secrets because it’ll help them feel like they aren’t alone in their faults — as in, you make them feel good about themselves. Sharing your weak moments isn’t easy, especially when you have to look people in the eyes after you hit ‘Publish.’
  • Thick Skin: The online world makes people feel like they can give you more honest feedback then they typically would in person. They can critique every step of your journey and tell you what you are doing wrong. Never mind the fact that it is your life and your journey, they will tell you your mistakes (like your grammer mistakes).

Blogging can be rewarding
I don’t mean to scare anyone away from blogging. Blogging through a journey can help open your eyes. Writing your thoughts down can be liberating and freeing. Through blogging, you can create relationships with people going through a similar journey hundreds of miles away. Blogging can be rewarding but it won’t help you lose weight. If you’ve ever thought about blogging through your healthiness, make it what you need it to be: a resource in your journey.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing