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Channel Rainbow Bright with your eyelashes

Can you wear all the colors of the rainbow on your lashes?

If you’re anything like me, you pass right by those colorful mascaras at the drugstore. I had fun with those obnoxious hues of blue, purple and pink in high school. Until recently, I was ready to let my Punky Brewster days be a thing of the past. But after looking at today’s trends, I’ve begun to reconsider. Red carpet divas like Rihanna have proven it is possible to rock bright colors on your eyelashes in a tasteful and refined way. Who knew?

Bright eye makeup colors like purple, blue and green are super hot this season. When you don’t feel like committing to a whole eyelid full of pigment, consider adding a pop of color to your lashes instead.

Pick the right hue. Of course, the shade of mascara you choose makes all the difference. Blue looks good on everyone and neutralizes redness in the whites of your eyes. Purple only works if you have green and blue eyes, and green should never be used. I don’t wanna say it looks stupid. But … Actually, green really does make your lashes look shorter than they are. Who wants their lashes to look like grass anyway?

Apply it right. Wear colorful mascara with a black or brown shade underneath. Wearing all-blue or all-purple lashes is a surefire way to look too young or like you belong with a circus. Instead, apply your dark color as you normally would, then let it dry. Sweep the colored product throughout to add streaks of vibrance.

Keep the rest of your eye makeup totally neutral – no matching shadows!  I repeat – NO MATCHING SHADOWS! That would actually be a bit obnoxious AND completely age inappropriate. Also, keep the rest of your face natural-looking. Too much blush or lip color will compete with the lash colors and make you look more Bozo than Beyonce.

Tone it down. One way to rock colorful eye makeup tastefully is to subdue the color just a bit. You still get the eye-enhancing benefits even if you mute the color. Instead of letting the regular mascara dry between coats, apply the colored mascara while your black mascara is still wet to blend the colors. You can also add a graphite gray or black eyeshadow to the lashes after applying. Try it just on the bottom lashes while wearing brown or black on top for a subdued yet unexpected look.

Make Up For Ever makes a really nice, deep indigo color that also gives lashes plenty of volume, length and curl. Unlike many other brands, it is more of a navy than an electric blue, which is perfect for everyday wear to the office, while running errands or out for a night on the town.

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Santana Jordan
By: Santana Jordan

Around the age of 35ish, Santana Jordan realized that most of the makeup information that was readily available was all geared towards teeny boppers. This makeup artist and esthetician specializes in makeup techniques for the over 30 crowd. You know, those of us that need to hide a wrinkle or two – or ten and don’t want to look like we’re on our way to a rave. When she’s not taking the latest makeup trends and making them grown woman friendly, she is working on the launch of a kid’s clothing line inspired by her daughter, Lana Sofiah.