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Crazy for Shellac

No matter what kind of day you might be having, getting a manicure is a perfect, instant pick-me-up. But the problem is that after just a day or two, my polish is already chipping away from perfection. Enter Shellac, the newest nail craze you’ve probably already heard about which offers “permanent” manicures. And by permanent I mean your nails will be in tip top shape for not just a few days, but up to two weeks! I’m addicted and trust me when I say, once you try Shellac, you never go back.

What to Expect

Shellac is actually a product made by CND, Creative Nail Design, which also makes a variety of body treatment and spa products. Many people erroneously refer to any type of gel manicure as a “Shellac” even if the gel polish isn’t made by CND. (Think of it as the same thing as people saying “Kleenex” instead of “tissue”.) With Shellac, there’s no dry time and you’re guaranteed 14 days of polish-chip free! Unlike acrylic nails, the polish is applied directly onto your fingernails and sealed with a UV lamp, so you won’t end up with damaged, brittle nails.

When you go in, you can expect your nail pro to start by buffing and shaping your nails as usual. She’ll then proceed to apply the base coat, which is actually a UV base. Between each UV base coat, you’ll put your hands under a UV lamp for 10 seconds to “cure” the coat. Next comes the color; there are tons to pick from and many nail salons are mixing colors to create new options, too. In between each color coat, your nails will be cured under the UV lamp. After two coats of color, you’ll be ready for your UV top coat. The process of application and UV lamp curing is repeated and after that, you’re all set! Don’t be alarmed when your nail pro reaches for a tissue to go over your nails after your base coat is set; your nails are completely dry. There’s no need to gingerly fish through your purse for your keys with fear of smudging, once they are set they are completely ready to go.

OPI and Gelish are some of the other popular brands that offer gel manicures. For Shellac CND manicures at a salon near you, check out the salon locater at

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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