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Cream up to get rid of cottage cheese

Sure, sure, exercising is the best way to burn fat and look slim, but sometimes even the most intense regimen of squats and lunges won’t get rid of those cottage cheese dimples that lurk on the back of your butt and thighs. Cellulite is normal and appears on almost everyone at some point in life, but it is still an arch nemesis for many women.

There are plenty of creams that boast cellulite-smoothing qualities, but some are better than others at strengthening the skin after it loses elasticity and dimples appear. Here are key ingredients to look for when choosing the best product to smooth over your cellulite.

Caffeine. In 2009, caffeine-based creams were declared the new weapon in fighting back against cellulite. The theory is that caffeine can enhance fat metabolism and reduce some of the swelling that occurs around the fat, making the skin appear smoother. It also works to flush out excess fluid.

Antioxidants. Many creams contain dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which is an antioxidant derived from fish. When combined with amino acids, it is supposed to stimulate muscles to contract, pushing back cellulite. Try Nutra-Lift’s Cellulite Cream, which has DMAE, green tea and other skin-firming ingredients. You could also try Dior ‘Svelte Reversal’ Body Contouring & Firming Concentrate, which has viniferine, a powerful antioxidant derived from grapevines.

Retinol and collagen. Other creams help boost collagen, the same component that gets rid of wrinkles. Retinol increases collagen production, which makes the skin thicker and more resistant to the dimples of cellulite.

The bottom line is that cellulite is a fact of life, and creams work to reduce its appearance, but most likely won’t eliminate it altogether. However, massaging these creams into your problem areas may help you look just a little more svelte.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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