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Don’t let your hair give away your real age

Healthy hair radiates the youthfulness you feel.

Just like you have an anti-aging regimen for your skin, it is important to adopt certain techniques that will make your hair look its most vibrant and healthy, too.

Feed. Make sure you are giving your hair plenty of nutrition. Unlike the skin, which is an organ, hair is a nonessential tissue, which means it is the last part of your body to benefit from the nutrients you ingest. That said, you can be sure there is enough to go around by eating plenty of protein, iron, zinc and antioxidant-rich foods like berries and leafy greens.

Strengthen. As we age, we cannot produce as much keratin as we used to, because our bodies absorb essential vitamins and minerals less effectively. Keratin is the protein that makes your hair strong and smooth, and a lack of it can make your tresses porous and prone to breakage. Keratin depletion is also caused by frequent heat styling, because this pulls moisture from the hair. Make sure you apply a heat protection product with keratin or another keratin replacement to strengthen it and make up for any damage you inflict on it.

Volumize. If you have noticed that your hair is thinner or less voluminous than it was in your youth, you’re not alone. According to Marie Claire, about 30 million women in North America experience hair loss. Unlike male balding, this type of hair thinning occurs all over your scalp. Luckily, there are certain hair products that can help. The Keranique Fuller Looking Hair Kit includes shampoo, conditioner, a follicle boosting serum and a lifting spray that help regrow thicker-looking hair while conditioning it to make it look shiny and vibrant.

Protect. Most people know that sun exposure can cause signs of aging on the skin, which is why we slather on all that sunscreen. Hair is vulnerable to UV damage, too. One way you can stop your hair from looking older is to protect it from sun damage. Many styling creams have SPF or UVB inhibitors in them to shield hair from harmful rays. Try a cream like Rusk Deepshine Lustre Advance Marine Therapy to protect your locks.

Don’t let your hair give away your age! There are plenty of ways to give your locks the boost they need so they can look as healthy and young as you feel.

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Dahlia Moon
By: Dahlia Moon

Dahlia Moon is the quintessential Philly girl. Her obsessions include Geno’s cheese steaks, the Rocky statue and of course Phillies baseball. Her grandmother once told her that “your hair is your crowning glory.” From that point on she made sure that her ‘do was always done. Mostly because all she heard was the crown part and she thought her grandma was calling her a princess. When that dream didn’t actually come to fruition, she made it her business to educate other women in keeping their “crowning glory” impeccably coiffed. Her mission now is to keep women “in the know” regarding the latest and greatest hair trends, because every woman should feel like a princess.