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Extra bang for your bangs’ buck

Adding bangs to your hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to achieve a totally different look. Blunt bangs are in style right now, characterized by their thickness and straight-across cut. However, if you have blunt bangs, it is easy to feel like they always look the same, causing your entire style to look a little drab. If you feel like your bangs need a boost, try one of these techniques.

Give them wings

Your bangs won't make you look fly unless you give them wings! Of course, all bangs have the ability to make your hair look super-chic, but a hot trend right now is to cut a few strands on either side of your fringe so they fall in front of your ears and frame your face. At the salon, ask your stylist for a few outer-bang wisps that hit right around your chin.

This look is extra-cute when you wear a ponytail or bun and curl the wisps so they frame your face.

Angle them

Who said bangs have to sit straight across your face? While straight, blunt-cut bangs are certainly in style, you can update them with a little angle. This works best on women who part their hair to the side. Most of your fringe should rest on the side of your forehead that has the most hair, and the angle should gradually get longer as the bangs join the rest of your hair.

Added bonus: This style is a great way to start growing out blunt bangs.

Curl them

One of the greatest things about blunt bangs is that they are thick like the rest of your hair, so you can style them in similar ways. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, try adding a little curl-constructing mousse to your entire head, including your bangs. Touch this look up with a curling iron if you need certain strands to stay in place.

Blunt bangs also lend themselves well to old Hollywood styles. If you want to look 1950s glamorous, set your hair in large curlers and boost the volume once you take them out. You can set your bangs in their own curler to get a perfectly arched look, or you can blow them into place using a large round brush while blow drying. 

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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