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Leave the hair or wax it bare?

Every so often I like to take a much needed trip to Brazil – well, the Brazilian waxing salon.   And I don’t even have to leave Jersey.

My “waxing artist’s” name is Lauren.  Lauren is all of 4 “11’ and probably a size 00.  She rocks the Victoria Beckham bob like no one’s business and owns and impressive array of Easy Spirit flats.  I like her.  I really really do.  She is the nicest woman I have ever met.  However, once she applies that warm wax and those cloth strips to my nether regions,  she becomes the sensible shoe wearing embodiment of Lucifer himself.  I’ve even seen horns pop out.  No lie!  She may get some sort of sadistic pleasure from making women scream in pain.

I, like many other women, am a loyal masochist.  Yup, ladies and gents, I keep coming back.  But it hurts so good.  The results are undeniably perfect and I  just can’t stay away.  Besides, they say “beauty is pain.”  So , if it takes me a few Aleave, a glass of Riesling  (don’t try this at home) and a bit of prayer to get through the feeling of some sort of woodland creature clawing at my girly parts and inverting them, so be it.  I’m really only in it for the results.

Why do women want to look like hairless cats you may ask?  There was really no pun intended on that one.

It looks pretty.  Many people, women and men alike think that a bald pubic area is simple more aesthetically pleasing.  In fact, some even like to stare at it in sheer amazement.

It makes sex better.  At least, that’s the word on the street.   This is simply a matter of personal taste. You be the judge.

It’s more hygienic.  Although, I’ve heard this reasoning for taking it all off on several occasions; it’s simply not true.  It’s rubbish.  A fallacy and nonsense.   Having hair there or being bare is solely a matter of personal choice.  Pubic hair is no less hygienic than leg or armpit hair.  Don’t be bullied into shaving or waxing over a myth.

Sex in the City told me to do it.   Remember that episode of Sex in the City when Samantha made fun of Miranda for sitting poolside without having properly waxed?  Well, that’s pretty much my biggest fear in life; I mean, besides dying alone and having my false lashes fall into my soup while I’m on a date.

Do you Brazilian wax shave or are you an au natural lady?  Why did you choose this?  Leave it in the comments.



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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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