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Let your “natural” beauty shine through with this minimal makeup look

While I will always enjoy a bronze smokey eye or a bold lip, lately I have been loving a new makeup routine which is perfect for the hot summer months ahead. My goal is not to make a statement with my makeup, but to enhance my features as much as possible without people noticing. Okay, maybe it’s not completely unnoticeable, but this routine will certainly give you an effortlessly sexy look.

 Skin: The less coverage, the better. Let people see your skin. Leaving your house with a bit of redness or an exposed pimple isn’t unattractive; it shows people you are confident. Having said that, I admit that even on “natural days”, I still love to use a few products on my face. The perfect product for this look is the Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20: it delivers a super light layer of coverage to the face, just enough to neutralize redness or diminish the appearance of acne. Next, I dab a light concealer to any areas of my face that need special attention. To give a beautiful, “lit from within” glow, lightly dust on a bronzer to the areas of the face that would naturally become sun-kissed after a day at the beach (even though some of us become bright red, not “glowing”, after a day in the sand).

Eyes: Instead of my usual cat eye, I like to keep the eye makeup pretty minimal for this look. After applying a concealer to my eye lid to neutralize redness and veins, I dust on a base color like Wet n Wild Brulee. This next step for the eyes might surprise some people, but mascara isn’t absolutely necessary! It’s good to give your lashes a break from mascara– it will allow them to breath and rest a bit. In lieu of packing on the mascara, try this tip: after curling your lashes, tight-line your upper lids with a flat brush and a black matte shadow. Your lashes will appear voluminous without the messy hassle of removing goopy mascara before bed! To finish, apply a subtle highlight to the very inner corner of the eyes. The color Virgin found in the Urban Decay Naked Palette is a perfect color to open up your peepers, giving a “fresh faced” look to even the sleepiest, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed eyes.

Lips: Cheat, cheat, cheat! Using your best friend in makeup, nude lip liner, fake the appearance of fuller lips. It’s important that your lip liner be pretty close to the natural color of your lips; Revlon Lip Liner in Nude will suit light to medium skin tones. Lightly trace just outside the natural lip line, and slightly blend the line with your pinky finger. Wiggle the pencil right between your Cupid’s bow– this little trick will instantly pump up your lips! Fill in the rest of your mouth with the pencil, and then apply a coat of shimmery, nude gloss, such as Revlon Nude Lustre Lip Gloss. If you want an extra boost, create the illusion of a shadow right underneath your lower lip with a fluffy brush and a subtle bronzer. ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder is a super cheap product perfect for adding that “shadow effect”.

Brows: A thick pair of brows will beautifully frame your face, but make sure they aren’t too dark or filled in. Going too dark or thick will take the look from natural to “made up”, so stick with a color that matches your hair color or is a shade or two lighter or darker, depending on your coloring. Revlon’s ColorStay Brow Enhancer is a great, affordable product that will deliver the look of naturally full brows.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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