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Lifting spray or mousse? What’s the difference?

Do you have trouble with volume and/or staying power when styling your hair? Using the right hair product for your hair type can be the answer, seriously!

Lifting sprays and mousses are volumizing hair products that are specifically formulated to create a solid base for any hairstyle. These products are a great alternative to traditional teasing and backcombing because they have what it takes to create better, longer lasting hairstyles with less damage and without the tangles.

What’s the Difference?

Lifting sprays generally have a strong, firm hold. These products work best for those with long, medium or thick, and/or curly hair. I find root lifting sprays often can be too heavy for finer, thinner hair types.

Lifting mousse works best for women with fine, medium, thin, and/or straight hair.  They usually produce more of a medium hold. They have a more foamy consistency than a mist, so a little can go a long way when worked into the hair. Because mousses generally contain alcohol, they should be avoided by those with curly or extremely dry hair.

How to Apply these Products

These hair products have specially designed nozzles that allow you to easily apply the product directly to the root area in two easy steps.

1. First, pick up the section of hair that you would like to volumize.

2. Lightly spray the product to the underside of the section. For the best results, apply the product near the root.

Continue styling your hair in your normal fashion. You may also apply other products to your hair, such as a leave-in conditioner or serum, if you wish.

Please note that every hair product is different. Always read the manufacturer’s directions to make sure you obtain optimal results.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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