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Navy nails are back – how will you wear them?

Dark nail lovers are in luck this season. Navy nails are quickly becoming a  trend this year, and we’re pleased to report that there’s an ever-expanding number of ways to rock this vampy look in a high-fashion manner. Here are a few of our favorites.

High-gloss sheen: Of course, there’s nothing more chic than keeping it classic (and classy, by extension). It’s simple to do, but we love the look of a short, square nail with a high-gloss midnight sheen. We recommend CND Midnight Sapphire or Color Club Blue-topia for a seamless, shiny application.

Midnight city: Navy is a great alternative to black because it’s gentler and a little more subtle. Why not toss the subtle away and emphasize it the best you can? Navy polish with chunky sparkles makes for an instant win this year. Can’t see yourself with big flecks of glitter on your nails? Taking it down a notch with a subtle metallic sheen can be just as captivating.

French-inspired: An offshoot of the typical pink and white manicure, a Navy French look means keeping most of your nails natural and painting the tips in an eye-catching, deep shade of blue. Different? Of course. Still classy? Oui, oui!

Nautical-themed: This might be taking it a bit literally for some, but when done tactfully, a (literal) navy nail can be the kind of thing that will turn heads this winter, and in a really good way. Lauren Conrad brought this look to our attention when she sported an Independence Day-themed mani last summer, pressing blue and white-striped appliques to her nails and leaving the fourth one red.

We like the variation where you paint your nails navy and rock white stripes on all but one, which you can dress up with an anchor applique (or if you’re brave, paint it on yourself!). An alternative: Sephora by OPI Chic Print for Nails in Anchor.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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