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Stop the Signs of Aging — Give Your Hair a Lift!

There’s no doubt that as we age our bodies start to break down. No matter what we do, there are just some things we can’t control. Which is probably why although Madonna’s face is as snatched as a 30-year old’s, her neck and hands give away her true age of 50-plus. Ahh, aging — the great equalizer. Aging has undeniable effects on our bodies, skin, faces, and even our hair. I’m not talking about hair graying, I’m talking about thinning. But just as we are taught to prolong our skin’s signs of aging with creams and products, we should also do the same for our hair.

The best way to do that is by keeping your hair properly moisturized. Aging causes our bodies to produce less keratin proteins, which our bodies need to nurture those thick, long and luscious locks we desire so much. Besides aging, styling products, heat tools and environment are some of the other factors that influence keratin depletion. Using products that contain keratin proteins replenish the hair and add moisture. That’s especially helpful if you curl or straighten your hair a lot, or if your hair is permed/relaxed or dyed.

For instance, use the keratin products once a month and a protein conditioner once weekly or bi-weekly. Avoid using protein conditioners more often than once weekly, especially if your hair is not chemically treated. Doing so will cause your hair to become dry and brittle, which is a whole other problem. Balance is key! Use a regular conditioner or leave-in between protein treatments if you want to condition your hair more often. Remember, creams, not oils, should be used to add moisture to hair. Oils are used on top of creams to seal in moisture. Conversely, oils such as jojoba, flaxseed, coconut and castor can be used for moisturizing hot oil treatments.

Keep in mind that the best way to keep your hair healthy is by keeping your body healthy. That means adding more water and fruits and vegetables to your diet and bypassing the burger and soft drink. I know, I know! But unfortunately spinach contains more proteins, vitamins and antioxidants than french fries. Go figure! What you lack in your diet, make up for by taking vitamins and supplements. Biotin, horsetail, iron, saw palmetto, silica and zinc are ideal for preventing age-related hair loss and thinning.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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