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The beauty of braids

Let’s face it – coming up with new hairstyles can be a challenge. So why not incorporate a few braids into the mix during the week? Pleats, plaits or braids – it doesn’t matter what you call the classic style, recent celebrity red carpet appearances have seemingly brought it back. Luckily, simple tricks can turn a braid into a sophisticated hairstyle for the workplace, a night out or a whimsical and carefree weekend so that you can achieve this look as well.

Our favorite is the herringbone (or fishtail) braid. A great way to hold your locks together, the herringbone braid can be tight to the head for control. Bring bangs or short pieces of hair layers forward around the face for a more bohemian style.

There’s also the braided Heidi halo, which can allow hair to be styled in an updo or conversely cascade down the shoulder. This European-inspired look can be simple or complex and begs the wearer to use accessories to infuse a little oomph. Flowers, ribbons and even chains can also add something special to this timeless classic.

Remember – no matter what you choose, it’s important to feel comfortable. Have fun experimenting with a few different styles and see what ‘do works for you.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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