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Wanna look like a princess? Try out these Disney princess inspired makeup looks

Even as an adult, I love to watch Disney movies just to admire the beauty of the princesses. Okay, maybe that sounds a little weird, but you can’t deny that Belle, Jasmine and others, while not being the best female role models, are absolutely gorgeous. Here is somewhat of a guide inspired by the beauty of the women most of us “grew up” with.

Jasmine: What stands out about this Disney princess are her sultry, elongated eyes and chiseled cheek bones. To achieve this look, start by applying a thick strip of liquid liner to your eyelids, ending it in a short, dramatic flick. To get that super defined look, tight-line your upper lids with a black kohl pencil, like Mac Smolder Eye Kohl. Line your inner waterline with the same product, bringing the color nearly to your tear ducts.

Ready to make your cheeks POP like the princess?   With MAC Harmony Blush or any contour color/bronzer, buff the color into the hollows of your cheeks, bringing the color right above the arch of your brows in a C shape. To give an even more chiseled look, blend a cream highlighter like E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip onto the highest point of your cheekbones. To finish off the look, apply a medium toned rosy shade to the lips; Revlon Soft Rose is an ideal color for recreating Jasmine’s lips.

Snow White: In the cartoon adaptation of Snow White, the main character had very fair skin, black hair and brown eyes. Obviously, this look calls for dramatically contrasting your coloring. To play up your inner Snow White, choose a full coverage foundation a few shades lighter than your skin but make sure to blend it a bit onto your neck. A rosy flush is absolutely necessary for this look, and just about any blue-based pink will do. One of my favorites is Clinique Iced Lotus blush.

Snow White has doe eyes adorned with fluttery lashes, so start by applying a thin line of liquid liner to your eye lids, but don’t wing it out.  Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner is the best liquid liner out there. Next, apply individual fake lashes to just the outer corners of your eyes. A pretty red lip finishes the look.

It’s no surprise that Snow White has quite a defined and rounded red lip, since the Disney movie was created in the 1930’s, a time when that particular look was popular. To mimic Snow White’s lips, you must recreate this once popular lip shape with a red lip liner: using Revlon Red Lip Liner, slightly trace over your Cupid’s bow. Next, fill in the rest of your lips slightly inside of your lip line to create a smaller, puckered mouth. Top off the lips with a sheer red lip color, like Revlon Red Velvet Lip Butter.

Belle: She has soft, wide eyes, defined brows and pink lips. Well, at least that is my interpretation! Since Belle has a “classic beauty” sort of look, natural looking and polished makeup is perfect for recreating her appearance.

Beginning with the eyes, prime your lids with a creamy, skin color base, like MAC Painterly Paint Pot. Next, using your fingertips, apply a warm, shimmery taupe color to your lids, blending it just to your crease. Urban Decay’s Toasted is perfect for this look. Line your lids with a smooth, black pencil; blend the line using a pencil brush and a black shadow for a softly defined effect.

To achieve Belle’s thick and defined eyebrows, use a product like Revlon Brow Enhancer to fill in any gaps in your eyebrows while creating a fuller pair of brows. Apply a light pink gloss to the lips to finish the look. Revlon Pink Whisper Lipgloss is a perfect Belle color!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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