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What ingredients should I look for in a face mask?

A mask isn’t just a mask.  It’s the one step in your skin care routine that gives you the opportunity to rest for anywhere from 10-20 minutes. 20 minutes is as much time a mask needs to absorb deep within your pores and treat many types of skin care conditions like aging, dry, acneic/oily skin, deep cleansing and to brighten skin tones.
Anti-Aging Masks

“Aging” is probably the most hated word in the English dictionary, but when used in the word “antiaging” it doesn’t sting so much does it? There’s nothing wrong with a little nip & tuck, or some Botox here and ther; but why go through the pain and expense when you can start using anti-aging products like Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Feel The Difference Perfecting Face Mask ($35, to keep your youthful-looking appearance in tact for as long as possible?

With every application, you’ll feel the cooling sensation of a mask that lifts and defines your face while giving it a smoother appearance. The ingredients list really makes this something special. African Red Tea strengthens your skin while it slows the aging process.  Pomegranate fights damaging free radicals. The Vitamin E calms and soothes the skin while the sodium hyaluronate binds moisture to the skin. The mask also adds  algae and proteins to nourish and tighten your skin.

Dry Skin Masks

Many us believe the fallacy that a mask ONLY works if out skin feels as tight a boy scout’s knots. Although, taut skin is great because it feels like you‘ve had a face lift without the hefty price tag; skin that’s so tight that it hurts is something completely different. Of course, the goal of a mask that treats dry skin is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate which can be accomplished a few different ways, but this article as we know is all about masks!

You just gotta love a product that does a lot for only $7.99. Skin Nutrition with Phytomins Hydrating Face Mask is filled with hydrating and soothing ingredients like honey and avocado oils – ingredients that give extremely dry skin that shot of necessary moisture it so desires. This product also contains vitamin C which supports healthy cell renewal and phytomins – a blend of plant-based vitamins that slow the appearance of aging.

Acneic/Oily Skin Masks

One of my absolute favorites, but surprisingly one that I’ve never mentioned on my own site Hue Knew It is Peter Thomas Roth’s Sulfur Cooling Mask ($40, The active ingredients, sulfur and eucalyptus oil help to dry up oily, clogged pores clear blemishes & prevent new acne from forming while aloe soothes and prevents over-drying.

Deep Clean Masks

A long-time favorite of mine is the drug store Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque ($4.29, I love it because it’s a cheap an easy way to get a deep clean and still come away with pores that are free of debris and with skin that feels smooth to the touch.

Brightening Masks

Exfoliation is one of the keys to getting a clear complexion, but another way to achieve this is with a brightening mask and I suggest an enzymatic mask like Peter Thomas Roth ’s 3-in1 Clinical Peel & Reveal Dermal Resurfacer ($58, which contains pumpkin enzyme’s.  This mask exfoliates, sloughs off dead skin and rejuvenates congested complexions.

NOTE: Enzymes act as catalysts that eat away at dead skin cells which reveal a brighter, more even skin tone.

What type of mask is best for you?

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Lauren Stewart
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