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What you can learn from the best celebrity cuts of all time

Some haircuts are iconic. We're still enamored by those flowing layers of Farrah Fawcett and let’s not forget The Rachel – that is, the hairstyle made famous by Jennifer Aniston when she played Rachel on Friends in the 1990s.

Celebrities change their hair as often as the weather. Sometimes they happen a upon a stop that take on a life of its own.. Here are some things you can learn from the most iconic hairstyles ever.

The Rachel. It's amazing that a TV show could start a hair trend, which is exactly what the tresses of Rachel Green did on Friends. The character played by Jennifer Aniston rocked this style for a good four or five seasons, inspiring women everywhere to head to their salons and request the flippy layers that characterized "The Rachel."

This style looked great on Aniston, but that's not the only reason it became a sensation. The medium-length cut is manageable, and the short layers throughout flatter many face shapes.

Audrey's Pixie. Audrey Hepburn is beloved for a number of reasons, but hairstylists love her stunning hair in the classic films Roman Holiday and Sabrina. The actress cut her long hair to a short pixie for these films at a time when women were not eager to adopt any type of seemingly masculine hairstyle.

Hepburn proved that short hair is feminine and sexy. Although perfectly suited to the actress's dramatic eyes and long, graceful neck, the cut is versatile and still stylish today. Whether your face is square, oval or heart shaped, this style works. Ladies with  straight or wavy hair look especially amazing with this ‘do. Take a page from Audrey's book – never be afraid to try something new and not mainstream!

Farrah's Feathers. Although many women rocked voluminous waves in the '70s, no one did it quite like Farrah Fawcett. Made popular when she starred on Charlie's Angels, the fanned-out, face-framing feathery layers are still a salon favorite. Stars from Beyonce to Heidi Klum are still channeling Fawcett's waves.

This style is a classic because the layers fan backwards, opening up your face while also staying out of your way. This style is also a great way to work with hair that is naturally wavy. 

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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