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Women fight for their rights while men are offered pizza

The cost of birth control and women’s health has become a huge issue this election season.  Surprisingly (or not?), a lot of people don’t think women deserve any help financing the costs of family planning. Meanwhile, men are being encouraged to exercise their right to birth control with things like free pizza!

A Cape Cod clinic is offering men a free pizza with their vasectomy, capitalizing on the fact that March is apparently the most popular time of year for men to exercise their reproductive rights.  Rumor has it that men get it done now so that they watch March Madness “guilt-free.”

Urology Associates of Cape Cod made news with their ploy to get men in for surgery.  Virginia Urology is also getting attention for their new site,, where they pitch a similar argument for getting a vasectomy in time for college basketball’s biggest weekend.  Their pitch reads: “Spend 3 days on the couch watching hoops with your wife’s approval! . . . Watch the Tournament While You Recover: Enjoy full days of uninterrupted basketball action from your couch.” What I find more surprising than the random link between basketball and getting your scrotum operated on, is the fact that men are being rewarded for taking control of their reproductive responsibilities, while women are fighting for the right to do the same.

According to, the cost of the procedure is often covered under insurance; and if it’s not, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to many methods of female contraceptives.

“Typically, vasectomy costs will be in the range of $500 to $1,000, depending on geographic location, the surgical technique used by the doctor and other variables. But there may be little or no out-of-pocket cost to you . . . Contact your medical insurance company and discuss your health insurance coverage, as most insurance programs include vasectomy. In such cases, the majority of the associated vasectomy costs will be paid through the insurance. The out-of-pocket cost to you could be only a small co-pay or deductible amount.”

Wow, sounds so easy and simple!  I once asked my doctor about tubal litigation and was basically written off because I wasn’t of a “certain age.” But men are lured in with offers of free pizza for pretty much the same procedure?  I can’t even get a free water when I’m waiting for my birth control prescription in the pharmacy.  Something isn’t right here.

How did we get to the point in 2012 where women are fighting for the right for access to birth control?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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