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Beauty for butts? How to reveal your most rockin’ derriere

Let’s face it – we are all obsessed with butts. We pore over magazines featuring the Kardashian sisters barely covering their enviable derrieres with string bikinis, and we rock out to songs like “Bootylicious” and “Baby Got Back.” Yes, it’s safe to say that in our culture, a nice bum is one of the features we find most beautiful. So how will you make your booty stick out above the rest?

There are brushes for scrubbing the skin, soaps and lotions to remove stretch marks and cellulite, and even special undergarments to suck it all in and give you the boost you need. Here are some of the easiest and most common ways to get a booty Sir Mix-A-Lot would covet.

Curb the cellulite and stretch marks

Cellulite and stretch marks can occur all over the body, but it can be most detrimental on your derriere, where those small lumps can seriously change the appearance of your otherwise-svelte rump. Stretch marks can do the same.

Cellulite. Your best bet to kick cellulite to the curb is to start a daily regiment of cellulite cream. Look for a product that has caffeine in it, since this stimulant has been found to enhance fat metabolism and reduce the swelling around the fat that causes the appearance of cellulite. Invest in a butt brush or massager, too. These tools massage the lotion into your skin, increasing blood circulation to smooth lumps.

Stretch marks. Lotions and creams are also crucial for getting rid of pesky stretch marks. Look for one with shea butter and antioxidants, and cream up every day!

You have hair WHERE?

Many women are concerned with the hair down there, but when it comes to the fuzz afflicting your behind, you might be even more concerned. It is perfectly normal to have hair around your lady parts and up into the bum region. Hair removal creams can cause irritation to this sensitive skin, and if you shave, you risk nicking a part of you that is super-prone to infection. Waxing is a painful option, and laser hair removal is an expensive option – if you’re really bothered by the hair, the choice is yours and yours alone.

Anal bleaching has also become more of a trend lately, mostly because the images of porn stars’ nether regions have become the new norm. After going fully bare down there, many people notice the skin is a little darker than the rest of their skin (totally normal) and thus bleach it. However, most doctors agree that you should keep the bleach away from your bum (and all other skin parts!)

Boosting up your booty

Of course, there are plenty of workouts that are designed to tone your tush, but when you’re looking for a lift in just a matter of minutes, there are plenty of options available today. Whether you are looking to smooth everything out under a tight-fitting gown or want to make your bum look busty under your jeans, certain undergarments may do the trick.

Suck it all in. Spanx are the most common name-brand for those cellulite-smoothing, body-firming hosiery, but many brands carry something similar. If you want instant toning, these undergarments might be for you.

Bump up your rump. There are also undergarments you can wear that are like a push-up bra for your bum. Spanx makes varieties of these, but other brands do, too. Like a glorified biker short, many come with pads that “add a cheek size” to your tush.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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