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Bringing your falsies from caterpillar crazy to flirty fierce

False eyelashes can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When they are too thick or applied too sloppily, it is easy to look like you have a fat, furry caterpillar inching across your lids. Celebrities make these eyelash faux pas on a regular basis, (Kim Kardashian anyone?), and it's okay only if you're being seen from afar and behind several lenses.

But how can we working women make false eyelashes, well, work? Here are a few tips to add some sexy volume to your lashes – whether you want to look natural OR push the envelope a bit.

Choose your look

The first thing you need to decide is what you're going for with your falsies. Are you simply trying to add length or volume to your lashes? If that's the case, you should always look for a pair that looks thin. Remember, these are being added to your natural fringe, so the volume will double. If you just want a little boost, you might want to choose lashes you can apply individually – this allows you more control over the end result.

That said, false eyelashes can be so much fun if you are looking to add a little sass to your look. Maybe it was the makeup in The Hunger Games (Katniss's butterfly eyelashes were pretty enchanting) or maybe it's just the pervading pop/rock culture that encourages us to try crazy trends. Today, you can get falsies with hot pink feathers attached, polka dots, glitter, or even stick-ons in different shapes. Just because you never thought of putting stars on your lashes doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it now that it's an option!

Apply them right

Trim. False eyelashes have to be created on a "one size fits all" basis, but of course, one size never fits all. Most pairs will need a little trim on either end – snip just a few hairs until they match the length of your eyelid – otherwise you'll end up looking like Lady Gaga in Bad Romance. If they seem too long, you can also trim them from the top. Just make sure you never snip straight across! Maintain the arc that the lashes have, and point the scissors into the lashes to give it a slightly uneven (read: natural) appearance.

Glue. Gluing is probably the trickiest part of wearing false eyelashes, and when you do it wrong, they can look bumpy and uneven, or they may fall off in the middle of a business meeting. Not cute. The most important thing you need to know about eyelash glue: a little dab will do ya! Apply just a bit to the clear strip using a toothpick, and press them on starting at the inner corner of your eye working outward. Use tweezers to make any adjustments, then blow on them to dry.

Blend them in

The way you apply the rest of your eye makeup makes a huge difference in how good your falsies look. Eyeliner is crucial to blend the edge of the falsies onto your natural lash line, and liquid liner is your best bet because it will work into any of the gaps between the lashes (real and fake). Mascara is another good way to blend the false lashes with your real ones, but too much will make it look clumpy and fake. Use just enough to blend and carefully brush any extra out with an eyelash brush.

Last step: Bat those lashes, baby!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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