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Do layers the RIGHT way for your hair type

We’ve all had it happen. A stylist says they want to “put a few layers” into your style then you end up looking like a sheared sheep. Yikes!! What are you supposed to do besides crawl into a fetal position and cry yourself to sleep? The key is to know your hair! Here are some guidelines to help you on your way to the perfect layered haircut.

Fine Hair:   This is a tricky one. If your hair is straight and fine, you run the risk of  looking “stringy” if you add layers. So, I usually recommend a blunt cut for this type of  hair.  Make sure it’s a tad bit longer in the front than it is in the back.   Sometimes, your stylist can add some softer layers at the base of your hairline to allow for different styling  options. A bit of fringe (bangs…side swept or blunt) also gives the illusion of fullness. If you have curly fine hair, cutting layers in can benefit greatly by allowing those shorter  layers to bounce up and create more volume.

Long Hair: If you can’t part with the length of your hair, but also can’t deal with the lack  of oomph long hair often provides, try layers that are cut at an incline (like a ramp). Find a spot on your head where you want your shortest layer to start, and point that out to the stylist. Often this spot that works best is just below where your noggin protrudes  out a bit, otherwise known as the occipital ridge. This spot is about 6 inches or so from the crown. This is your starting point, and the rest of the hair should cut at an incline to  the end of your hairline. Now, it will look like a ton of hair is coming off.  But,I assure you that the length is preserved by this cutting method. Often the stylist will even let a bit of  the hairline fall out to keep it long. If you are still feeling nervous, have your stylist pull  all the hair to center and cut it. This gives you softer and fewer layers. The end result of  this haircut is a gorgeous cascade of hair that is bouncy and sexy! Think Victoria Secret  hair!

Limp/Heavy Hair: Now, here is concern that runs a risk of looking like a “mullet” if the layers are cut too short. You know, my sweets, this is not a good look… on anyone. So, the key is be conservative starting off. The length coming off will be on top of your head and throughout the crown. I really wouldn’t go shorter than 5 inches from the scalp (6 inches  for curly hair)

Another important tip to remember about this layering is to blend it into  your already existing style.  Deep point cutting or razoring helps with this technique, and allows for a softer, voluminizing effect, without that “business on top, party in the back” look.
So, I hope these tips start you off in the right direction in creating some layers in your

If you take charge, you will get an amazing style that can last you 6 months or more. Enjoy!!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing