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Dry your eyes – your worst eye woes are solved

Our eyes say a lot about us – after all, they are the “window to the soul,” right? Well, if your eyes are puffy, red or sagging with dark bags under them, exactly what message are they sending?

These common eye woes happen to almost everyone at some time or another. Redness and puffiness can be caused by crying or allergies, but can also occur on their own. You might notice dark bags develop after you’ve pulled an all-nighter to finish that assignment for work, but these unfortunate shadows can appear even after you’ve slept a full eight hours like a baby.

The reasons behind eye problems are varied, but luckily, the treatment for them is pretty straightforward. Banish your bug-eyed blues to reveal your bright eyes – a much better representative of your soul!

Pop the poof

Crying, allergies or anything that irritates your eyes may cause puffiness, but many women wake up with puffy eyes every day. When you are lying down, fluid tends to hang out in your eyes and on your face. When you blink throughout the day, the tears your eyes produce get distributed across the surface of your eyes. When you are asleep, your eyes still produce tears, but because your eyelids are closed, the fluids build up in the tissues under your eyes instead.

While standing up and walking around usually helps, puffy eyes can also be treated with a cold compress and some eye cream. Wrap a bag of frozen vegetables in a thin towel and press it against your eyelids for about 10 minutes, keeping your head upright. A washcloth soaked in cold chamomile tea or cold cucumber slices also works to reduce the poof.

After the cold compress, apply a firming eye cream by dabbing it under your eyes with your ring finger. The dabbing action, working from the inner corner to the outer corner, will help release and distribute the fluids.

The ultimate red-eye tool

Many women wake up with red eyes because of a lack of sleep, but if your red eyes are also accompanied by itching or watering, talk to your doctor about the possibility of allergies.

Otherwise, you can treat redness –  which is caused by the expanding of blood vessels in the whites of your eyes – using a few tricks.

If you want them gone by the time you leave the house in the morning, a cold compress is again your best bet. This trick will soothe any burning or pain in the eyes and reduce inflammation.

Truly, the best treatment for this comes from a few changes to your lifestyle. Getting more sleep can make a huge difference.

Carry your bags, don’t wear them

We all have baggage, but come on ladies, it doesn’t need to show on your face! For some women, dark under-eye bags or circles come with age, but for others, they are a result of not enough sleep. Bags are essentially the opposite of puffy eyes – they tend to occur when you are dehydrated (like after drinking too much alcohol). They also are more likely to occur if you rub your eyes frequently or go to bed with makeup on.

Generally, the skin under your eyes is super-sensitive and thin, so a loss of volume in this area (which comes with age) is often the trigger that causes the skin to sink, exposing the orbital bone and creating a small hollow that is shadowed and dark.

Wearing an eye cream with caffeine in it may help over time, but your best bet for instant results is to cover them up. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone, and pat it on from the inner corner to the outer corner.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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