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Get that ‘red carpet’ texture that you’ve been longing for

A growing trend amongst the ladies who hit the red carpet on a regular basis is the “undone” textured hair. You’ve all seen those gorgeous beach-y waves and   your favorite celebrities paying homage to Bridget Bardot.  Do you wonder “How can I do that?”  Well, I have answers for you.  Product. Product. Product. That’s right, the key, is in the product you use — not the effort you put into the style. It’s really quite simple.

It’s best to start with either freshly clean or even first day hair, as you will be adding a bit more product than normal. Instead of blow drying, you’ll want to diffuse your hair to maintain as much of your normal texture as possible.

If you start with wet, freshly -washed hair, be sure to wring your hair instead of towel drying.  The goal is to squeeze out as much moisture as you can before applying product.   This also helps cut the drying process.

Next, give your head a healthy application of a salt or texture spray, starting at the root and scalp then through to the ends. Some of my favorite texturizing sprays to use are D:Fi Beach Bum Texturizing Spray (for those on a budget) or the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

Now just twist!! Yes, it’s that easy. Twist your hair into ringlets throughout your head. The more the better, as it make it easier to dry.  At this point you could just let your hair air dry if you are in a rush but its fairly easy to diffuse your hair. You can get a universal diffuser at most beauty supply stores or online and it attaches at the end of the blowdryer, softening the flow of air.

You will flip your head upside down for the most volume and on the lowest air flow setting (highest heat!) pool your hair twists into the diffuser “bucket”. Hold for a few seconds and move around your head. The special trick is to not touch your hair with your hands until  the hair is set (same goes for air drying)!

Once dry, loosely tousle your hair with your fingers to break up the twists, and presto! Simple beach-y hair!  Now, if you want to bump up this style a bit and get a more intense look (great for evening events) try braiding your hair instead of twisting it. Same  application of product as before (or, for more stronger hold try Shu Uemura Art of Hair Liquid Fabric Mineral Texture Spray and then braid all of your hair into one or two plaits.

Try different ones, such as fishtail braids or a French Braid. The more bends in the hair the better. Allow your hair to air dry all day and just before heading out, undo those braids and break them apart. You will have GORGEOUS, sexy, touchable curls. Its always fun to add a few face framing waves around the face with this look. Just twist a few strands of your hair around a 1 or 2 inch curling iron!

Lastly, the most sophisticated look involving texture is the messy up-do.  This look is great for a cocktail party, or even a wedding! Following any of the previous techniques and add a step by teasing the whole crown area concentrating at the root. Create a part if you wish and loosely pull all your hair back into a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Now, take all the hair and fold it under and into the back of your hair and secure in place with a few bobby pins. Basically you are hiding all your hair within your hair!  Feel free to tug and shape your silhouette, even letting a few strand fall to create an “effortless” look. Don’t stress too much about achieving the perfect style,  as the whole point of getting that perfect “Red Carpet Texture” is to appear as if you didn’t do any work at all.


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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