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Get the lashes you want – naturally

There are plenty of ways to boost and plump your lashes artificially, but choosing the right mascara can also go a long way. Use this mascara guide to get the eyelashes you have always wanted.

Not everyone has long, thick, black lashes. Use your fringe’s natural state to pick which makeup to use.

If you have short eyelashes… When your lashes are kind of stubby, your main goal is to lengthen them. Before you make an appointment to get lash extensions, try a lengthening mascara. Too Faced makes an incredible product that is a must-have if your eyelashes are shorter than you’d like. Their Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System has three steps, including a base coat, top coat and nylon lash fibers. The base coat and top coat work together to melt and seal the nylon fibers into place for an easy, commitment-free alternative to messy lash extensions.

Short lashes also look longer curled. Curling them before applying mascara will make your eyes look wider and brighter.

If you have sparse eyelashes… Not all of us are endowed with thick lashes. But that is why they make volumizing products! Try Buxom Lash Mascara, which has vitamins to thicken each eyelash from root to tip.

The type of applicator also matters when you’re trying to make your lashes look thicker. Look for a brush that has a wider spool with separated, plastic bristles. This will pick up the optimal amount of the makeup to apply without clumps. It also makes it easier to layer on the coats for your desired thickness.

If you have long, light eyelashes… Your lashes may be long, but if they’re light in color, you may as well not have any at all. While light-lashed ladies should use the same tricks as those with sparse eyelashes, there is one handy tool that is a must.

Instead of a typical mascara brush, look for one that looks like a spiky ball on the end. Givenchy makes a fabulous version of this with its Phenomen’Eyes Mascara. The shape of this brush is perfect for reaching those tiny little lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes to give your lashes a fanned-out look. This can usually only be achieved using falsies!

Eyelashes play up your feminine features and contrast against the whites of your eyes, making you appear glowing and healthy.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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