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Got course, thick hair? Don’t despair

Tips on How To Get the Better Over Coarse Thick Hair

I know if you have a head of coarse thick hair, you’ve got some genuine headaches to deal with, literally. Whether it’s trying to tame it, style it, or change it to a new hairstyle . . . your hair is like a horse of a different color!

What doesn’t seem right is that others, “Oooh and ahhh” over your thick beautiful hair and say they would “give anything to have hair like yours” and you want to shave it all off! As much as you may simply not understand their mind-set, your hair is the envy of every gal. And men, as far back as the caveman, have been drawn to the luscious, thick hair of the opposite sex . . . call it, hair envy!

But, in dealing with countless numbers of women with coarse thick hair over the years, it’s absolutely true, your hair type can be a nightmare and the most difficult hair to deal with when; it’s not cut right or when it’s been fried by chemical treatments or when you haven’t had the right regime to keep it vibrant and healthy.

Get the Right Haircut for Coarse Thick Hair

You’ll want to avoid choppy layers and blunt haircuts. The hard lines of choppy layers and blunt, one length haircuts, will create puffy, unflattering hair, that will not do your gorgeous hair justice. Blunt one length bob hairstyles with coarse thick hair, end up looking like a SNL’s old favorite broadcaster, Rosanna Rosannadanna.

The best haircuts for coarse, thick hair complement its texture with soft, framing layers. The key element to making hairstyles work with coarse thick hair is creating soft edges on the layers. Texturizing, layering and thinning the hair in the appropriate way for its length and weight is the key to a flattering haircut that will also be easy for you to work with.

For the best results, you need to find a hairdresser that has experience with coarse thick hair types. There are many hair stylists who don’t know what to do with your hair type. When in doubt ask some of your friends, relatives, coworkers, or even a woman on the street with your hair type, who they trust with their hair

No Fuss Hairstyles for Coarse Thick Hair

Not sure what hairstyles work best for coarse thick hair? If you have long hair; buns, braids, ponytails, and twists are easy DIY hairstyles that change-up your look and are stunning with your hair type. Take the time to learn the how-tos of these versatile, fun updos and you’ll be set for any summer soiree or lazy casual day as well! If you decide to go with a short hairstyle, try adding headbands, scarves and barrettes to accessorize your short thick hair.

How to Care for Coarse Thick Hair

The secret to getting the softest, smoothest hair possible is retaining moisture in your hair. It’s important to start with a quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner. There are plenty of good products to choose from and one I can recommend is Moisture Maniac by Bed Head. The shampoo and conditioner are simply amazing. They effectively moisturize hair without weighing it down, and because they are high quality products, you only have to use quarter-size drops of shampoo and conditioner.

Condition, condition, condition. A deep conditioning treatment periodically is a must. You can judge how often is often enough, but these treatments are awesome for reviving old, dry, dull and damaged hair to soft, shiny hair full of body! I love Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment. A leave-in moisturizer does wonders as well. I recently came across Silktáge Rejuvenating Styling Serum. A couple of drops of the natural, organic oils make coarse hair feel silky and smooth. I definitely recommend it! Be sure to check out my article The Complete Guide to Coarse and Thick Hair for more hints.

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Lauren Stewart
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