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Horrible Heels and Terrible Toes: Getting The Skin on Your Feet in Shape for Summer

Dr. Steven L. Rosenberg DPM is an LA-area podiatrist and creator of “homeopathic solutions for the sole” including Instant Arches. If you suffer from lower back pain, you can put them inside your summer flip flops to give you a bit of lift that will relieve some of the pressure. In stilettos, instant arches balance your weight better so the ball of your foot won’t be screaming in agony midway through your night out.

For softening the skin of the feet, Rosenberg always recommends his patients use a skin cream with 40% urea. What’s urea? Although the most common use for it is as a fertilizer to help cotton crops grow, the doctor says urea works as a great softener and moisturizer for the skin when used as an additive in foot moisturizers. “It works wonders on skin fissuring on the back of heels as well as rough dry skin in other areas on the foot,” he explains. Urea products are often prescribed to patients with eczema, keratosis and psoriasis.

Use an emery board to sand, smooth and remove rough dead tissue, callus and corn formation on the bottom and tops of the toes. He warns that you should steer clear of razors and any other sharp objects on your foot skin to remove corns or calluses – leave that up to your podiatrist or manicurist, you can severely hurt yourself.

Another word of caution from Rosenberg: Do not use over the counter liquid corn and callus removers. They  can actually cause tissue damage.  If you are a fan of a relaxing foot bath, it’s worth a few bucks to get a moisturizing product that’s made for pedicure purposes. Rosenberg says soaking your feet in Epsom salts can be drying for your skin.

Tricia’s Tips: I recently tried TheraHeel , which comes in a box set with two each of resurfacing and moisturizing foot treatments. Each individual packet comes with a pair of plastic footies that are filled with product that works its magic for two hours as you kick back and enjoy your favorite beauty magazine or novel for a little while.

The kit has a couple strips of tape included in each pouch so you can be sure they’ll stay put if you run to grab yourself a cup of tea while you unwind. The four uses will cost you $29.95.

Even if you prefer to keep your beauty routine low maintenance, you don’t have to skimp on primping your piggies. Polishing your nails with a gel pedicure polishcan last you as long as three weeks. With an at-home kit you can do it on the cheap, leaving a little money left over for a nice pair of sandals.

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