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I’m obsessed: My four favorite glosses!

I know there are a lot of lipstick fans out there. I’m not one of them.  (Insert appalled gasps here) While I find all of the deeply pigmented colors fascinating to look at, I’m just not into wearing them. Sure, there was a time when I had a fling with lipstick, but ultimately I found that next to my pasty skin they’re usually too harsh. Give me a gloss any day! Lip gloss is fun, flirty, sexy and youthful. Who wouldn’t want that?

Okay, okay, I sense some of you raising your hands in protest. I realize that glosses can be sticky and have less staying power than lipstick, but they make lips look so amazing. Besides, we put up with so much in the name of beauty, how hard is it to re-apply a little lip gloss? I mean, it’s nothing compared to a bikini wax is it? I think it’s completely worth it for that plumped up, juicy look it gives lips. My gloss collection is always growing, but here are four of my current favorites. Give them a try; maybe you’ll become a convert.

MAC Lipglass in Spite:

If you want to jump into the realm of lip gloss with both feet, then MAC is the place to start. Their LipGlass is thick, sticky, super shiny and comes in a wide range of finishes and colors. These glosses also make your lips look exceptionally sexy! When you see Spite in the tube, it certainly lives up to its name. It’s a moody, brooding brown/plum/gray mix with no shimmer, but on lips it’s a very flattering neutral. It works well with my pale skin, but I think it would also be gorgeous on someone with a tan (not that I have a chance of trying that myself).

Mark Juice Gems in Juicy Pomegranate:

When I want to relive my youth a bit, I grab this little tube. It gives me a wash of sheer pink shine and smells fantastic. Don’t worry; it won’t make you look like you’re trying to become a teenager again. It’s actually a really nice shade that adds a rosy shine to lips, without any flecks of sparkle to make it teeny bopper-ish.

Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Bamboo Pink:

For times when I want my gloss to last a bit longer, I reach for this one. I first tried this gloss as a sample and was skeptical about its claims to stay put, but was pleasantly surprised. It actually does stay on longer, sometimes a bit even makes it through light eating – pretty impressive for a gloss. This shade is a nice neutral with a hint of pink and a slight shimmer. It’s not ‘in your face’ shiny like some of the others, so it would make a good starting point for the gloss-wary.

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Lip Shine:

For major shine, I turn to this gloss. It goes on clear and leaves a totally glass-like finish. It really does smell just like cinnamon buns too, which is not so helpful for curbing my already out-of-control sugar cravings, but it makes my lips look so full I can’t resist. I love this gloss, but if you’re afraid of lots of shine and some stickiness, you should probably ease your way into this one.

So that’s it – a roundup of my current favorites. It is, by no means, a complete list of the glosses I own, but these are the ones I am using most often right now. I’m sure a new one will start calling my name any day now and if it’s a keeper, you can be sure I’ll let you know about it.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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