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Is your makeup aging you?

We wear makeup to bring out the best in our beauty, but sometimes, makeup can make us look worse, not better. It seems odd, but certain techniques that worked in your 20s can make you look older than you actually are. Adopt some of these tips to revamp your makeup regimen, whether you wear too much or play it safe with too little.

Foundation. Our skin gets darker as we age, which will eventually require a change in cosmetics, Lancome makeup expert Sandy Linter told Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Choose a foundation that is slightly warmer and darker than the shade you wore when you were younger. You might also consider starting with a primer to get optimal coverage without looking caked-on.

Blush. If you’re reaching for cream blush to address any newfound dryness in your skin, but powder might be a better bet. Powder glides smoothly over any type of skin, while cream blushes might stick to dry patches.

The way you apply it matters, too. Sweeping the brush from mouth to ear is a good technique for younger girls, but this can make women look gaunt. Instead, swirl the blush high on the apples of your cheeks.

Eye makeup. Getting eye makeup to look smooth and clean over oily creased lids is not easy. One mistake many women make is piling on the shadow to cover up wrinkles or oil, but this only ends in a cakey look. To look younger, start with an eye primer before applying any shadow.

Also, toss your old brownish shades for sage and jewel tones instead. While browns tend to have yellow or red pigments in them that can make skin look sallow, greens and deep blues can make the whites of your eyes look brighter and neutralize the yellow tone of the skin.

Make sure your liner is straight, too. Pulling your eyelid taut while you apply pencil eyeliner will end in a jagged line once the lid goes back to its normal, un-crinkled state. It can be easier to achieve a smooth line when you use liquid liner.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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