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Look good in pictures

Have you ever looked back on a picture of yourself from a graduation, birthday or any other special event and thought “What was I thinking with that makeup?”I have.  Flash photography can do all sorts of funny things when it comes to makeup.  Just look at  Facebook photos that pop up on our wall every Sunday.

Unblended foundation lines and gray-toned skin seem to be the norm. Of course no one notices these things as they check themselves in the mirror before heading out. Unfortunately, any mistake will be recorded and sometimes remembered for years.It seems that in the past few years, companies have really been picking up on people’s desires to look better in photos as new products and ad campaigns featuring words such as “photo ready” and “photogenic” are everywhere. Here are some tips to remember while doing your makeup for any special day or just a night out on the town.

Blend, blend and oh, blend. Photos will make even the slightest of unblended lines appear enormous. Really take the time to make sure there is absolutely nothing that needs smoothing. Even if you’re using brushes, smooth your fingers over your under eye concealer and the jawline to get a flawless finish.

Avoid a brow highlight. When I think of brow highlights in pictures, I think of Britney Spears in the early 2000’s– not a good look. Anything shimmery above the lids is going to reflect too much. Brow bones don’t need too much highlighting in the first place (but that’s just my opinion.) If you feel you need to highlight that area, stick to a matte white just under the arch of the brow.

Take advantage of natural light! This is a great way to ensure your makeup will turn out good in photos.  In natural light, it will be much easier to spot any mistake you might have made. Just sit next to a window while getting ready and you will be set.

Add lashes. Unless you were lucky enough to be born with naturally long, plush lashes, your natural lashes might get lost in the picture. To create a lush, open eye look simply add falsies to any look you know you’ll be photographed in.

Keep it matte. You may have noticed that you look extra oily in photos, even if you have dry skin. To fix this problem, use mattes instead of shimmers. So, instead of a glittery foundation, opt for a matte one, and go for a shadow with no sparkles.

Skip SPF.  I know that it’s contrary to EVERYTHING that you’ve heard but, the Titanium Dioxide found in SPF will reflect camera flashes and create a grey, ghost-like appearance. Simply avoid foundations with SPF if you know you’ll be photographed.  If you just don’t feel comfy going without sunscreen protection on any occasion, opt for tinted moisturizers and primers with SPF.

Carry blotter sheets with you. This tip applies to oily skinned people: before someone whips out a camera, reach into your purse for a blotter sheet and remove any excess oil. If you don’t have blotter sheets, reach for a coffee filter or even a toilet seat saver.

Drink water. On the day you know you will be photographed, make sure to drink some extra water. It will make your skin look healthier and lit from within. Hydration is the very best skin care precaution you can take.

Match your foundation. Make sure your head and neck are not two separate colors! This is a classic mistake in pictures. Buy a foundation in the right shade for your skin, and blend it down onto your neck. If you are using bronzer, make sure it’s not too dark or shimmery, and also blend it onto the neck.

Check your makeup in pictures. Right after you do your makeup and before you leave the house, snap some pictures of yourself with a camera in different lightings and angles to avoid anything unflattering in the real photos. Though this step may seem a bit over the top, I have personally discovered some mistakes I was making after reviewing my own pictures.

Do you have any tips for looking great in photos?  Do share!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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