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Short and sassy: The best styling tips for short hair

Even if the shortest you’ve ever cut your hair was to your shoulders, you probably remember that feeling of relief – like a weight was lifted off every aspect of your hair styling routine. Everything from washing to drying to styling is easier when your hair is short, because you simply have less to work with.

That said, short hair sometimes gets a bad rap. “Mom hair” may be one of the worst insults – excuse me, moms deserve to have a bit of an easier haircare routine, and ahem, so do those of us who don’t have kids! All the fun braids and updos seem to be geared toward long locks, but there are ways to spice up a short cut, too!

Here are some fun new ways to wear short hair, so you and your tresses can live la vida long-a without all the annoying upkeep.

The romantic curls

You know those long, sexy curls that the Victoria’s Secret models strut around with? Well, just because you don’t wear garter belts or have extensions down to your butt doesn’t mean you can’t rock these romantic waves!

You can use hot rollers or a curling iron to get these flowing waves. If your hair is chin-length or longer, use a tool with a barrel that is at least an inch and a half. Take an inch-thick section of hair at a time and curl away from your face. This will open up your face and the large waves will look just a little undone. Sexy!

If your hair is shorter than chin-length, you can still have sexy waves! Use the biggest curling iron you can wrap your hair around, and curl away from your face. You might want to pin back certain sections and leave others hanging for a tousled look.

The super-sleek look

When you think super-sleek hair, you might think of Jennifer Aniston’s long, lustrous locks. But remember when she chopped her hair super short, and it was still mod and shiny? Well, you can take this approach, too!

For tresses that are chin-length or longer, apply a frizz-reducing spray or cream before blowing straight with a diffuser attached to your hair-dryer. Straighten if you must and spray with a little hair spray or finishing spray to smooth down flyaways and boost shine.

Even ladies with a classic pixie cut can rock this sleek and chic look. She may be young, but Emma Watson is no longer the frizzy Hermione of the Hogwarts fame – her perfect pixie cut is an inspiration to us all. Part your wet hair on the side and slick it all back with gel and a comb to achieve this look.

Fancy updo

It may seem like you need long hair for a fancy updo, but having short strands actually makes it much easier to get a glamorous ‘do to stay put. It is lighter, meaning there is less to pin into place.

Curl inch-wide sections, then twist backward and pin into place. Or, you can use braids to give the updo texture. Try a Greek goddess-like braid along your hairline and pin the rest in a low chignon. You could also weave two French braids down either side and pull the rest into a messy bun.

Of course, there are also ways to update your short hair at the salon. Ask for straight-across bangs (these look especially trendy with the sleek style mentioned above) or a sassy side bang that you can let fly free from your updo. Short cuts also look extra cute with accessories like headbands and flowers.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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