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There’s no need to fear, your esthetician’s here! The step -by- step guide to your first professional facial

If you’re hard pressed to separate from your hard-earned cash because you can’t justify spending money on a service that lets strangers wash your face instead of you doing it yourself, then listen up.  A facial is much more than that.  It’s an experience AND  a way to pamper yourself.

Let’s walk through the steps of a facial, shall we?
This is where you sit with the esthetician and discuss what some spas call a ’Confidential Skin Health Survey.’ Here, you’re asked basic questions about allergies and discuss your skin worries and goals. The esthetician creates a facial regimen that’s specific to your skin type and problem so you’re poised to get the best possible results.


once the dry skin consultation is complete,  it’s time to prep your face with a thorough cleansing. Although, we wash our faces every day, it’s often done in a rush. You quickly wash your face before work and at night before bedtime when you’re more than likely tired from your day job. It’s safe to say that not much attention is paid to a deep cleansing.  A deep cleansing removes impurities like makeup and debris  that clog your pores and depending on your skin type a milky or foam cleanser is used.

Under a magnifying light your skin is analyzed to determine your skin type and the type of treatment and products that will be used.  Moreover, the magnifying light helps the esthetician see if there are any identifiable whiteheads and/or blackheads that need to be extracted.  This insures the use of the proper product for your skin type. Your esthetician will make sure that they are treating your problems and that you won’t have any adverse reactions.

Exfoliation by way of scrubs, brushing machines or peels removes dead skin and promotes stimulation which increases the production of new cells.  This is also known as cell turnover.  The go is for new cells to come to the surface of the outer most layer of your skin…the epidermis. Exfoliation removes rough skin and reveals soft, smooth skin. You want that youthful glow? This is how you get it.

STEP 5 :
And now the fun begins. A warm towel is the placed over your face during this step to open your pores to prep your skin for the extraction.  They may use thier forefingers or  lancets which can only be used in certain states and metal comedone extractors. Don’t be afraid to tell your skin care therapist to ease up if their touch is too heavy. If you don’t you may end up with bruising – not exactly the goal you’re seeking. Warm towels soften the skin so treatment products can be easily absorbed and the extraction removes debris from your follicles.

Stay with me because we’re almost done with your facial. Here comes the best part of your treatment – the facial massage. Some estheticians are deathly afraid of hurting their clients so they use a touch that’s barely felt. She should ask what pressure feels good to adjust her technique accordingly.  The purpose of the facial massage is to promote blood circulation and further helps the easy absorption of treatment products.

The face masks draw impurities out and tightens, hydrates and helps to clear acne blemishes and tones. There are several types of mask and your practitioner will select one for you depending on your skin type and skincare goals.  The masks will improve the overall look of your skin.  Trust me!

Toners are the last step of the cleansing process. The goal here is to balance the pH in your skin and tighten your pores.  Also, it will get rid of any dirt or debris left on your skin.  It helps lock the moisture into your skin making for hydrated younger- looking skin.

STEP 9 (Optional) : SERUMS

Serums penetrate the skin and deliver nutrients that moisturizers are unable to. They usually have the most potent active ingredients and have healing and repairing properties. While these aren’t always necessary Treatment serums such as those used for hyperpigmentation can be used before your moisturizer.

A moisturizer is then used to ensure that you skin is properly hydrated.  It also helps reduce the signs of aging and help stimulate collagen renewal.

Sunscreen protects your newly cleansed face from the harsh rays of the sun. You don’t want to go through trouble of a facial to improve your skin just to ruin it with those pesk sunrays?  Do you?

Are you convinced now?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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