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There’s nothing naughty about naked hair

Sure, you can get your hair professionally straightened and relaxed, or you can make it thicker or curlier. While it’s nice to have these options available at the salon, every woman should also know how to make her natural hair texture look sexy and portray her inner beauty. After all, that’s how nature intended it!

Of course, about 80 percent of “rocking” your ‘do comes from your self-confidence. But that other 20 percent made up of product and technique is the stuff that helps you feel your best about your hair. Is your hair thin? Curly? Thick and frizzy? Not to fear, there are ways to bring out the beauty.

Thin hair

First of all, let’s recap all there is to love about thin hair: styling (blow drying, straightening, curling) takes a fraction of the time it takes your thicker-maned friends, and you need much less shampoo, conditioner and styling products, which means you save money.

That said, thin hair is particularly prone to greasy roots and breakage. While it might be tempting to reach for the ultra-conditioning shampoos and conditioners, these will weigh your hair down and make it look greasy faster. Instead, your shampoo should always be clear – which usually means it won’t deposit heavy moisture (read: residue) on your strands. Using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner is usually a good bet for thin-haired ladies.

Remember, you only need a touch of products like mousse to keep your locks locked down.

Thick hair

Listen, we know it takes you at least a half hour to blow dry your hair and even longer to make sure all your frizz is under wraps, but look at it this way – you have volume many women only dream about! Not only that, but your hair tends to be healthier than your thin-haired counterparts because it hides grease better, allowing you to wash it less frequently. At least when you arm is sore from styling your mane, you know it will last a couple of days.

That said, there are ways to make your tresses look their bestest. Because your hair is densely packed, it can take the sometimes-heavy formulas in those moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Look for the products labeled “hydrating” or “smoothing,” since thick hair is more likely to get unruly.

However, it is possible to have thick hair with absolutely no kinks. If your hair is thick and straight, play up its shine. Apply oils instead of styling creams, since this will nourish each strand without weighing your locks down at the roots, where you may still need a little volume.

If your hair is thick and curly, your M.O. is going to be to tame your frizz so your curls can look their bouncy best. Opt for a frizz-controlling, curl-creating mousse, not gel. Mousse will allow your curls to move around, which is what curls are supposed to do! Gel, on the contrary, will hold them too stiffly in place and may make even the curliest hair look flat.

Remember, your hair is only going to look as good as you feel. If you feel better when your naturally thin hair is permed, or your naturally frizzy hair is straight, by all means, change it. Look at Beyonce – the most beautiful woman in the world wears her hair in a color and texture that is not her natural one, because it’s what makes her feel her most confident and powerful. Let your hair show your true colors!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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