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Trendspotting: Magnetic nail polish

Nail trends, like any beauty trend, are somewhat fickle. Last week I was blogging about the glory that is shellac manicures (which, they still are) and this week, I’m totally captivated by another nail trend, the magnetic manicure. It’s a funky, statement-making trend that’s becoming quite popular at nail salons. And definitely not one for the faint of heart.

For awhile now, trendy nail art has been all the rage. From stripes and patterns to glitter and stamps, it seems we’ve seen just about everything. And now there’s magnetic manicures, which create a cool, 3D wave effect on your nails. It’s now available at select local salons and there are even a few DIY home formulas, too.

The magnetic manicure is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a first coat of magnetic polish is applied to the nail and then a magnet is used to “warp” the polish. The polish actually contains microscopic magnetic particles that are activated when a patterned magnet is hovered over the nail. Usually, the magnet comes right on top of the nail polish bottle cap. The magnetic particles in the polish react to the magnet and swirl, creating a cool 3D effect.

A lot of local salons are now offering the magnetic manicure, but there are some at-home options too for those of you who are wanting to try this at home. Nail polish diva Deborah Lippman, for example, has an entire magnetic manicure nail polish collection. The cap of the nail polish is used to create a 3D wave design.

To create the look, you’ll want to paint one nail at a time. Once you apply polish, take the magnetic cap and hover it over your polished nail. Hold the magnetic cap over your nail for about 10-15 seconds and repeat on each nail until all 10 are done. Finally, you’ll want to seal the look with your favorite top coat.

There are four coordinating color options in the Deborah Lippman collection available on HSN and But local salons that may carry a variety of brands have many color options you can experiment with.You can get magnetic manicures in unique swirl, wave and other patterned designs that are fresh and funky. The effect is striking and a definite conversation starter.

What do you think? Would you try a magnetic manicure?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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