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Wakeup Makeup: How to LOOK like you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep

When I was younger I could stay up all night and still look perky and well rested the next day. Ah youth… things were so much simpler back then. Nowadays, if I have just one minute of bad sleep I look like I’ve been run over by a truck (twice) and I feel like it, too. While I can’t do a lot about how I feel after a sleepless night, I can at least give myself a more refreshed look by using a few quick makeup tricks.

Hydrate and smooth:

Instead of slapping on my usual foundation, when I’m extra tired I reach for my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I know that when I’m exhausted my normally oily skin is quite dry. Using a lighter foundation keeps product from settling into lines and keeps me from looking like I aged 10 years overnight.

Add a splash of color:

Drained is a great way to describe how I look and feel when I’m tired. My face, which doesn’t have a lot of color on a good day, looks really pale when I’m worn out. I usually use an earthier color on my cheeks, but for desperate times such as these I switch to a shade with more pink. I also stick with a gel cream blush because I don’t want powder emphasizing my parched skin. For a wash of healthy color try a product like Tarte Cheek Stain in Dollface or Flush.

Open up sleepy eyes:

My eyes really give away my sleep deprivation secrets, so I have to give this area extra attention. In addition to my usual concealer to hide dark under eye circles, I add a couple of extra tricks. I apply a very light highlight shadow to the inside corners of my eyes and a light swipe on my brow bones (I use Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Super Shimmer in Daybreak). I also take the extra time to curl my lashes on these days because it gives my eyes a more open look. I then apply a couple of coats of Covergirl LashBlast to my top lashes only. I find that mascara on my bottom lashes tends to flake, which is especially unattractive on tired days.

With these little adjustments to my regular makeup routine I can hide a lot of exhaustion and ward off the dreaded, “You look tired!” comments. There’s nothing worse than hearing that all day long!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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