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5 Travel Friendly Makeup Products

Vacation is a blast but packing for it is not. There’s always the fear that you’ll be off someplace without your favorite fill-in-the-blank-product-here or that you’ll have to pay an extra $50 because your luggage is totally overflowing with way too much stuff. But, if you pack the right makeup and beauty products, you won’t need to take your entire stash and scare off your significant other. Here’s our list of the best travel beauty products to stay gorgeous on your next vacation.

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup Loose Powder

Forget packing both a foundation and a loose powder and instead, take some Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup. The mineral powder provides more coverage than a typical loose powder so you won’t need to pair it with a foundation as well. It goes on with a semi-matte finish and applying more or less of it will really let you control whether you want more sheer or full coverage. There’s no talc or artificial fragrances used either since it’s a mineral formula. But the best part is, the top of the container is actually a makeup puff, so you also won’t have to pack a separate powder brush to apply!

 Too Faced Natural Eye Collection

It’s hard to pack for vacation because you’ll of course want to match your makeup to all of your outfit options. Which is exactly why the Too Faced Natural Eye Collection is such  an essential travel item: the neutral shades will coordinate with just about any look! The eyeshadow palette comes with nine coordinating shades and two applicator brushes that let you create natural, everyday looks as well as a smokey eye that’s great for nighttime, too. There’s even three step-by-step cards included that show you exactly how to create a variety of makeup looks. We promise, it’s the only eye shadow palette you’ll need and you won’t need to bring along eyeliner either!

Benefit Brows a Go-Go

Whether you need to tweeze, wax or just fill in your brows with some powder, the Benefit Brows a-go-go brow and eye shaping kit packs it all into one neat little travel-friendly box. The kit comes with mini tweezers, wax, brow shadows and step-by-step instructions to create the perfect brow and keep them in tip-top shape for your entire vacation.

Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine

If you are traveling somewhere tropical or humid this summer, by all means do not leave without packing a tube of Philosophy’s Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer. It’s glorious. This magical tube is a lightweight, mattifying primer that can be applied right under your foundation and will keep you grease-free all day long. Even if you decide to forgo foundation or powder altogether, the primer’s mattifying effects will help stave off shine and oil and can be applied over your sunblock or moisturizer. You’ll be thankful when you see your pictures are free of that oily tropical “glow”.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint

The secret to power packing for travel is getting products that do double duty: you’ll want a a few dresses and tops you can mix and match as well as a great cheek/lip stain that covers both your cheek and lip makeup needs! Industry favorite, Benefit Cosmetics Benetint provides a rosy color that lasts for hours. You can even apply Benetint under your lipstick to make it last longer. If you’re traveling with a carry-on only, stash the Benefit Benetint Mini version.

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Lauren Stewart
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